Ecological Issues in a Changing World
Edited by Hong, S.-K.; Lee, J.A.; Ihm, B.-S.; Farina, A.; Son, Y.; Eun-Shik, K.; Choe, J.C 
Springer  2004   more details

Ecological Risk Assessment, Second Edition
Glenn W. Suter II 
CRC Press  June 2006   more details

Forest Management and Planning
Pete Bettinger, Kevin Boston, Jacek Siry and Donald L. Grebner 
Academic Press  January 2009   more details

Forest Policy Analysis
M Krott 
Springer  2005   more details

From Landscape Research to Landscape Planning - Aspects of Integration, Education and Application
Edited by B Tress, G Tress, G Fry, G.and P Opdam 
Springer  October 2005   more details

GIS for Sustainable Development
Edited by Michele Campagna 
CRC Press  August 2005   more details

Good Statistical Practice for Natural Resources Research
Edited by R Stern, R Coe, E Allan, I Dale 
CABI  May 2004   more details

Irrigation Systems: Design, Planning and Construction
Adrian Laycock 
CABI  July 2007   more details

Strategic Environmental Assessment and Land Use Planning - an international evaluation
Edited by Carys Jones, Mark Baker, Jeremy Carter, Stephen Jay, Michael Short and Christopher Wood 
Earthscan  October 2005   more details

Urban Aquaculture
Edited by B A Costa-Pierce, A Desbonnet, P Edwards, D Baker 
CABI  June 2005   more details

Urban Forests and Trees - A Reference Book
Edited by Konijnendijk, C.C.; Nilsson, K.; Randrup, T.B.; Schipperijn, J. 
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Urban Remote Sensing
Edited by Qihao Weng and Dale A. Quattrochi 
CRC Press  January 2007   more details

Wild Urban Woodlands - New Perspectives for Urban Forestry
Edited by Ingo Kowarik and Stefan Körner 
Springer  2005   more details

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