Butterworth Heinemann

Applied Principles of Horticultural Science - Third Edition
Laurie Brown 
Butterworth Heinemann  2008   more details

Biometric Technologies and Verification Systems
John Vacca 
Butterworth-Heinemann  April 2007   more details

Carbon Capture and Storage
Steve Rackley 
Butterworth-Heinemann  2010   more details

Chemical Engineering Design - 5th edition
R K Sinnott and Gavin Towler 
Butterworth-Heinemann  2009   more details

Clean Coal Engineering Technology
Bruce G. Miller 
Butterworth-Heinemann  2010   more details

Combustion Processes in Propulsion - Control, Noise and Pulse Detonation
Edited by Gabriel Roy 
Butterworth-Heinemann  December 2005   more details

Competitive Engineering - A Handbook For Systems Engineering, Requirements Engineering, and Software Engineering Using Planguage
Tom Gilb 
Butterworth-Heinemann  July 2005   more details

Culinary Creation - An Introduction to Foodservice and World Cuisine
James Morgan 
Butterworth-Heinemann  April 2006   more details

Energy, Sustainability and the Environment
Edited by Fereidoon P. Sioshansi 
Butterworth-Heinemann  2011   more details

Engineering the Risks of Hazardous Wastes
Daniel Vallero 
Butterworth Heinemann  November 2002   more details

Gas Turbines - A Handbook of Air, Land and Sea Applications
Claire Soares 
Butterworth-Heinemann  April 2007   more details

Handbook of Air Pollution Prevention and Control
Nicholas P Cheremisinoff 
Butterworth Heinmann  2002   more details

Handbook of Solid Waste management and Waste Minimization Technologies
Nicholas P Cheremisinoff 
Butterworth Heinemann  2002   more details

Handbook of Water and Wastewater Treatment Technologies
Nicholas P Cheremisinoff 
Butterworth Heinemann  2002   more details

ISO 14001 Environmental Systems Handbook, Second Ed.
Ken Whitelaw, SGS Yarsley International Certification Society 
Butterworth Heineman  2003   more details

Mastering Statistical Process Control - A Handbook for Performance Improvement Using SPC Cases
Tim Stapenhurst 
Butterworth-Heinemann  May 2005   more details

Materials and the environment
Michael Ashby 
Butterworth Heinemann  February 2009   more details

Materials for Architects and Builders, 4th Edition
Arthur Lyons 
Butterworth-Heinemann  2010   more details

Membrane Technology - Practical Guide to Membrane Technology and Applications in Food and Bioprocessing
Z F Cui & H S Muralidhara 
Butterworth-Heinemann  2010   more details

Paradigms Lost - Learning from Environmental Mistakes, Mishaps and Misdeeds
Daniel Vallero 
Butterworth-Heinemann  November 2005   more details

Reliability, Maintainability and Risk
David J. Smith 
Butterworth-Heinemann  April 2005   more details

Rotary Kilns: Transport Phenomena and Transport Processes
Akwasi Boateng 
Butterworth Heineman  Jan 2008   more details

Rotating Flow
Peter R N Childs 
Butterworth-Heinemann  January 2011   more details

The Environmental Science of Drinking Water
Patrick Sullivan, Franklin Agardy and James Clark 
Butterworth-Heinemann  August 2005   more details

The MBR Book, 2nd Edition - Principles and Applications of Membrane Bioreactors for Water and Wastewater Treatment
Simon Judd 
Butterworth-Heinemann  January 2011   more details

Water Technology, An Introduction for Environmental Scientists and Engineers
N F Gray 
Butterworth-Heinemann  2010   more details

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