atmosphere and air pollution

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Air Pollution and Health in Rapidly Developing Countries
Edited by Frank Murray and Gordon McGranahan 
Earthscan  2003   more details

Air Pollution and Plant Life - 2nd Edition
Edited by Bell, J. N. B.; Treshow, Michael 
John Wiley & Sons  May 2002   more details

Air Pollution, People, and Plants
Sagar V. Krupa 
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Air Quality in Cities
Edited by Moussiopoulos, N. 
Springer  2003   more details

Air Quality, Fourth Edition
Thad Godish 
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An Introduction to Dynamic Meteorology - Fourth Edition
James Holton 
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Applied Bioremediation and Phytoremediation
Edited by Singh, Ajay; Ward, Owen P. 
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Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics - From Air Pollution to Climate Change - 2nd edition
Seinfeld, John H.; Pandis, Spyros N. 
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Atmospheric Chemistry in a Changing World
Edited by Brasseur, G. P., Prinn, R. G. and Pszenny, A. A.P. 
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Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling: An Introduction to Practical Applications
Rod Barratt 
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Atmospheric Methane - Its Role in the Global Environment
M A K Khalil 
Springer Verlag  2000   more details

Atmospheric Pollution - History, Science, and Regulation
Mark Z. Jacobson 
Cambridge University Press  September 2002   more details

Atmospheric Science - An Introductory Survey (second edition)
John Wallace and Peter Hobbs 
Academic Press  March 2006   more details

Atmospheric Turbulence and Mesoscale Meteorology
Edited by Evgeni Fedorovich, Richard Rotunno, Bjorn Stevens 
Cambridge University Press  October 2004   more details

Biotechnology for the Environment: Wastewater Treatment and Modeling, Waste Gas Handling
Edited by Spiros N. Agathos and Walter Reineke 
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Capturing Carbon and Conserving Biodiversity - The Market Approach
Edited by Ian R. Swingland 
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Challenges of a Changing Earth
Edited by Steffen, W., Jäger, J.,Carson, D. J., Bradshaw, C. 
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Changing Environments
Edited by Morris, Dick; Freeland, Joanna; Hinchliffe, Steve; Smith, Sandy 
John Wiley & Sons  March 2003   more details

Chemical Degradation Methods for Wastes and Pollutants - Environmental and Industrial Applications
Matthew A. Tarr 
Marcel Dekker  August 2003   more details

Chemistry of the Upper and Lower Atmosphere
Barbara J Finlayson-Pitts and 
Academic Press  1999   more details

Compendium of Chrysanthemum Diseases
Edited by R. Kenneth Horst and Paul E. Nelson 
APS  1997   more details

Dynamic Modeling of Environmental Systems
M.L. Deaton, J.J. Winebrake 
Springer Verlag  2000   more details

Dynamics of the Atmosphere - A Course in Theoretical Meteorology
Wilford Zdunkowski, Andreas Bott 
Cambridge University Press  April 2003   more details

Emissions of Air Pollutants - Measurements, Calculations and Uncertainties
Edited by Friedrich, Rainer; Reis, Stefan 
Springer  2004   more details

Environmental Challenges and Greenhouse Gas Control for Fossil Fuel Utilization in the 21st Century
Edited by M. Mercedes Maroto-Valer, Chunshan Song, Yee Soong 
Kluwer Academic/Plenum  August 2002   more details

Environmental Chemistry - Green Chemistry and Pollutants in Ecosystems
Edited by Lichtfouse, Eric; Schwarzbauer, Jan; Robert, Didier 
Springer  2005   more details

Environmental Chemistry of Arsenic
Edited by William T Frankenberger, Jr. 
Marcel Dekker  December 2001   more details

Environmental Contaminants
Daniel Vallero 
Academic Press  2004   more details

Environmental Geochemistry
Edited by B. Sherwood Lollar 
Elsevier Science  April 2005   more details

Environmental Monitoring and Biodiagnostics of Hazardous Contaminants
Edited by Michael Healy, Donald L. Wise and Murray Moo-Young 
Kluwer Academic Publishers  2001   more details

Environmental Monitoring and Characterization
Edited by Janick Artiola, Ian Pepper and Mark Brusseau 
Academic Press  July 2004   more details

Environmental Policy in the European Union: Actors, Institutions and Processes (Second edition)
Edited by Andrew Jordan 
Earthscan  2005   more details

Environmental Science - Earth as a Living Planet, 7th Edition
Daniel B. Botkin, Edward A. Keller 
John Wiley & Sons  May 2009   more details

European Forests and Global Change - Likely Impacts of Rising Carbon Dioxide and Temperature
Edited by Paul G. Jarvis 
Cambridge University Press  1998   more details

Food, Climate and Carbon Dioxide: The Global Environment and World Food Production
Sylvan H Wittwer 
CRC Press  1995   more details

Fundamentals in Air Pollution - From Processes to Modelling
Springer  2010   more details

Fundamentals of Air Pollution (4th Edition)
Daniel Vallero 
Academic Press  2008   more details

Global Environmental Change - Modeling and Monitoring
Edited by KY Kondratyev, VF Krapivin and GW Phillips 
Springer  2002   more details

Handbook of Air Pollution Prevention and Control
Nicholas P Cheremisinoff 
Butterworth Heinmann  2002   more details

Handbook of Atmospheric Science
Edited by N Hewitt and A Jackson 
Blackwell Publishing  December 2002   more details

Handbook of Chemical Technology and Pollution Control - 3rd edition
Martin B Hocking 
Academic Press  2005   more details

Handbook of Ecological Restoration - Volumes 1 & 2
Edited by Martin R. Perrow, Anthony J. Davy 
Cambridge University Press  September 2008   more details

Handbook of Ecotoxicology
Edited by Peter Callow 
Blackwell Publishing  1997   more details

Handbook of Environmental Risk Assessment and Management
Edited by Peter Calow 
Blackwell Publishing  1997   more details

Handbook of Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing
Edited by Christian N. Madu 
Kluwer Academic Publishers  November 2000   more details

Handbook of Pollution Control and Waste Minimisation
Edited by Abbas Ghassemi 
Marcel Dekker  September 2001   more details

Hazardous Air Pollutant Handbook: Measurements, Properties, and Fate in Ambient Air
Edited by Chester W Spicer, Sydney M Gordon, Thomas J Kelly, Michael W Holdren, R. Mukund 
CRC Press  2002   more details

Heavy Metals in the Environment: Origin, Interaction and Remediation
Edited by Heike Bradl 
Academic Press  March 2005   more details

Industrial Combustion Pollution and Control
Charles E. Baukal 
Marcel Dekker  2003   more details

Intercontinental Transport of Air Pollution
Edited by Stohl, Andreas 
Springer  2004   more details

Introduction to Environmental Forensics (2nd edition)
Edited by Brian L Murphy and Robert D Morrison 
Academic Press  March 2007   more details

Mycorrhizae and Plant Health
Edited by F L Pfleger and R G Linderman 
APS Press  1994   more details

Natural Resource and Environmental Economics - 3rd Edition
Roger Perman, Michael Common, James Mcgilvray, Yue Ma 
Pearson  March 2003   more details

Nitrogen Fixation (3rd edition)
John Postgate 
Cambridge University Press  1998   more details

Ozone and Plant Cell
Edited by Victoria V. Roshchina,Valentina D. Roshchina 
Kluwer Academic Publishers  2003   more details

Petroleum Biotechnology - Developments and Perspectives
Edited by Rafael Vazquez-Duhalt and Rodolfo Quintero-Ramirez 
Elsevier Science  September 2004   more details

Photocatalysis - Science and Technology
Edited by Kaneko, Masao; Okura, Ichiro 
Springer  2003   more details

Pollution Science (2nd edition)
Ian L. Pepper and Charles P. Gerba 
Academic Press  May 2006   more details

Simulating Combustion - Simulation of combustion and pollutant formation for engine-development
Merker, G.P., Schwarz, C., Stiesch, G., Otto, F. 
Springer  2006   more details

Storage of Cereal Grains and Their Products (4th Edition)
Edited by David B. Saucer 
AACC  1992   more details

Sustainable Development and Environmental Management - Experiences and Case Studies
Edited by Clini, Corrado; Gorb, S.; Gullino, Maria Lodovica 
Springer  2008   more details

Synthetic Musk Fragrances in the Environment
Edited by Rimkus, Gerhard G. 
Springer  2004   more details

The Air Spora - A manual for catching and identifying airborne biological particles
Edited by Lacey, Maureen E., West, Jonathan S. 
Springer  2006   more details

The Arctic Basin - Results from the Russian Drifting Stations
Frolov, I.E., Gudkovich, Z.M., Radionov, V.F., Shirochkov, A.V., Timokhov, L.A. 
Springer  2005   more details

The Atmosphere
Edited by Ralph Keeling 
Pergamon  March 2006   more details

The Carbon Cycle
Edited by T M L Wigley and D S Schimel 
Cambridge University Press  2000   more details

The Changing Ocean Carbon Cycle - A Midterm Synthesis of the Joint Global Ocean Flux Study
Edited by Roger B. Hanson, Hugh W. Ducklow, John G. Field 
Cambridge University Press  2000   more details

The Earthscan Reader on World Transport Policy and Practice
Edited by John Whitelegg and Gary Haq 
Earthscan  March 2003   more details

The Nature of Diseases in Plants
Robert P Scheffer 
Cambridge University Press  April 1997   more details

The Physics of Atmospheres - 3rd Edition
John Houghton 
Cambridge University Press  2002   more details

The Precautionary Principle in the 20th Century - late lessons from early warnings
Edited by Paul Harremoes, David Gee, Malcom MacGarvin, Andy Stirling, Jane Keys, Brian Wynne and Sofia Guedes Vaz 
Earthscan  March 2002   more details

Traffic and Environment
Edited by Gruden, Dusan 
Springer  2004   more details

Understanding Environmental Pollution (3rd edition)
Marquita K. Hill 
Cambridge University Press  April 2010   more details

Understanding Environmental Pollution, A Primer, 3rd Edition
Edited by Marquita K. Hill 
Cambridge University Press  August 2010   more details

Unsaturated-zone Modeling - Progress, Challenges and Applications
Edited by R A Feddes, G H de Rooij, J C van Dam 
Springer  2004   more details

Wind Stress over the Ocean
Edited by Ian S. F. Jones, Yoshiaki Toba 
Cambridge University Press  November 2001   more details

World Directory of Environmental Organizations
Edited by Ted Trzyna 
Earthscan  2001   more details

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