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An Introduction to Applied Biogeography
Ian F. Spellerberg, John W. D. Sawyer, Foreword by Tony Whitten 
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Antarctic Ecosystems
R Bargagli 
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Edited by K Gutzwiller 
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Tom Fenchel, Gary King and George 
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William H Schlesinger 
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Edited by Matzner, Egbert 
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Stephen J Culver 
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Edited by Steffen, W., Jäger, J.,Carson, D. J., Bradshaw, C. 
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Clive A Edwards 
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Encyclopedia of Caves
Edited by David Culver and William White 
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Environmental Fluid Mechanics
Hillel Rubin and Joseph Atkinson 
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Edited by Lacerda, L.D.d.; Santelli, R.E.; Duursma, E.K.; Abrao, J.J. 
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Edited by Valentini, Riccardo 
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Daniel Vallero 
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GEOGENOMICS - Organisation of the Genosphere
Uladzimir K. Sauchanka 
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Gender and Sexual Dimorphism in Flowering Plants
Edited by M A Geber, T E Dawson and L F Delph 
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Edited by Loy, Alexander; Mandl, Martin; Barton, Larry L 
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Edited by Ernest-Detlef Schulze 
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Edited by Yizhak Marcus and Arup K Sengupta 
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Edited by Bashkin, Vladimir N. 
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Edited by Fasham, M. J.R. 
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Ocean Margin Systems
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Organic Phosphorus in the Environment
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Phylogeography of Southern European Refugia - Evolutionary perspectives on the origins and conservation of European biodiversity
Edited by Steven Weiss and Nuno Ferrand 
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Plant Ecology
Schulze, Ernst-Detlef, Beck, Erwin, Müller-Hohenstein, Klaus 
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Edited by Edited by Gregory P. Cheplick, Foreword by A. D. Bradshaw 
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Principles of Environmental Sciences
Edited by Boersema, Jan J.; Reijnders, Lucas 
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Marten Hemminga, Carlos M. Duarte 
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Edited by Larkum, Anthony W.D.; Orth, Robert J.; Duarte, Carlos M. 
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Edited by Bohn, Hinrich L.; McNeal, Brian L.; O'Connor, George A. 
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Tate, Robert L 
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Mark R. T. Dale 
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Ian Newton 
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Kondratyev, Kiril, Losev, Kim, Ananicheva, Maria 
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Edited by Kubicek, C.P.; Druzhinina, I.S. 
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Edited by John P. Smol, H. John B. Birks and William M. Last 
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Edited by John P. Smol, H. John B. Birks and William M. Last 
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Daniel D. Richter, Jr, Daniel Markewitz, Foreword by William A. Reiners, Pedro Sánchez 
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Virus and Virus-like Diseases of Major Crops in Developing Countries
Edited by Gad Loebenstein and George Thottappilly 
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Walter's Vegetation of the Earth - The Ecological Systems of the Geo-Biosphere (NEW 4th Edition)
Edited by Breckle, S.-W., 
Springer  2002   more details

Wastewater Microbiology - 4th edition
Bitton, Gabriel 
John Wiley & Sons  February 2011   more details

geoENV III - Geostatistics for Environmental Applications
Edited by Pascal Monestiez , Denis Allard and Roland Froidevaux 
Kluwer Academic Publishers  August 2001   more details

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