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Edited by W Jongen 
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Edited by P Richardson 
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Edited by Han, Jung H. 
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S Buncic 
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Carl Reed 
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Managing frozen foods
Edited by Chris Kennedy, University of Leeds 
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Microbial Ecology of Food Commodities - 2nd edition
Edited by ICMSF 
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Microbial Food Safety
Edited by Omar A Oyarzabal, Steffen Backert 
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Edited by John S Novak, Gerald M Sapers and Vijay K Juneja 
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Edited by Ahmed E Yousef and Vijay K Juneja 
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Edited by M Brown and M Stringer 
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Edited by International Commission for the Microbiological Specifications of Foods (ICMSF) 
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Minimal processing technologies in the food industries
Edited by T Ohlsson and N Bengtsson 
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Modelling microorganisms in food
Edited by S Brul, S Van Gerwen and M Zwietering 
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James M. Jay, Martin J Loessner and David A. Golden 
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Edited by W. Steven Otwell, Hordur G Kristinsson and Murat O Balaban 
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Molecular Diversity and PCR-detection of Toxigenic Fusarium Species and Ochratoxigenic Fungi
Edited by Mulè, G.; Bailey, J.A.; Cooke, B.M.; Logrieco, A. 
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Edited by S Roller 
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Edited by D Watson 
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Dennis S. Hill 
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Edited by Charalampopoulos, Dimitris; Rastall, Robert A. 
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Doug Peariso 
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Edited by C Lacroix 
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J. Andres Vasconcellos 
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Safe Handling of Foods
Edited by Jeffrey M Farber and Ewen C D Todd 
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Sue Azam Ali, Emma Judge, Peter Fellows and Mike Battcock 
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Edited by David B. Saucer 
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The Mechanics and Physics of Modern Grain Aeration Management
Edited by Shlomo Navarro and Ronald T Noyes 
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The UK Pesticide Guide - on-line version - WWW.PLANTPROTECTION.CO.UK
BCPC  Updated regularly   more details

The UK Pesticide Guide 2013 - NEW EDITION
Edited by Martin Lainsbury 
BCPC  January 2013   more details

The microwave processing of foods
Edited by H Schubert and M Regier 
Woodhead  2005   more details

The stability and shelf-life of food
Edited by David Kilcast and Persis Subramaniam 
Woodhead  2000   more details

Transgenic Plants and Crops
Edited by George G Khachatourians, Alan McHughen, Ralph Scorza, Wai-Kit Nip and Y H. Hui 
Marcel Dekker  November 2001   more details

Understanding and measuring the shelf-life of food
Edited by R Steele 
Woodhead Publishing  2004   more details

Understanding consumers of food products
Edited by L Frewer and H van Trijp 
Woodhead  December 2006   more details

Understanding pathogen behaviour: Virulence, stress response and resistance
Edited by M Griffiths 
Woodhead  July 2005   more details

Viruses in Foods
Edited by Sagar Goyal 
Springer  2006   more details

Yeasts in food
Edited by T Boekhout and V Robert 
Woodhead  May 2003   more details

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