biological control

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Advances in Insect Chemical Ecology
Edited by Ring T. Carde, Jocelyn Millar 
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Advances in Potato Pest Biology and Management
Edited by Geoffrey W. Zehnder, Mary L. Powelson, Richard K. Jansson, 
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Edited by Mahesh K. Bhalgat, William P. Ridley, and Allan S. Felsot 
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Edited by Eugene Nester, Milton P. Gordon, and Allen Kerr 
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Edited by Inderjit; Mukerji, K.G. 
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Edited by Bhadriraju Subramanyam and David W. Hagstrum 
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An Ecological and Societal Approach to Biological Control
Edited by Eilenberg, J.; Hokkanen, H.M.T 
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J. R. M. Thacker 
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Laurie Brown 
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Edited by Roland T Fox 
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Edited by Elmerich, Claudine; Newton, William E. 
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Biological Control - Benefits and Risks
Edited by Heikki M. T. Hokkanen, James M. Lynch 
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Biological Control of Rice Diseases
Samuel S. Gnanamanickam 
Springer  2009   more details

Biological Ice Nucleation and It's Applications
Edited by Richard E. Lee, Jr., Gareth J. Warren and L.V. Gusta 
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Biological Invasions
Edited by W Nentwig 
Springer  January 2007   more details

Biological Invasions in New Zealand
Edited by Allen, Robert B.; Lee, William G. 
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Biological Invasions: Economic and Environmental Costs of Alien Plant, Animal, and Microbe Species (2nd ed)
Edited by David Pimentel 
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Biological Nitrogen Fixation, Sustainable Agriculture and the Environment
Edited by Wang, Y.-P.; Lin, M.; Tian, Z.-X.; Elmerich, C.; Newton, W.E. 
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Biological Pollution: An Emerging Global Menace
Edited by Kerry O. Britton 
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Biological and Biotechnological Control of Insect Pests
Jack E Rechcigl and Nancy A Rechcigl 
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Biologically Active Natural Products: Agrochemicals
Edited by Horace G Cutler and Stephen J Cutler 
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Biology and Management of the Soybean Cyst Nematode
Edited by Robert D. Riggs and J. Allen Wrather 
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Biology of Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions, Volume 4
Edited by Igor Tikhonovich, Ben Lugtenberg and Nikolai Provorov 
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Biorational Control of Arthropod Pests - Application and Resistance Management
Edited by Isaac Ishaaya, A. Rami Horowitz 
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Biotechnology of Fungi for Improving Plant Growth
Edited by J. M. Whipps, R. D. Lumsden 
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Botanical Pesticides in Agriculture
Anand Prakash and Jagadiswari Rao 
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Chemoecology of Insect Eggs and Egg Deposition
Edited by M Hilker and T Meiners 
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Classical Biological Control of Bemisia tabaci in the United States - A Review of Interagency Research and Implementation
Edited by Gould, Juli; Hoelmer, Kim; Goolsby, John 
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Clavicipitalean Fungi: Evolutionary Biology, Chemistry, Biocontrol, and Cultural Impacts
James F White Jr. , Charles W Bacon, Nigel L Hywel-Jones and Joseph W Spatafora 
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Richard W. Smiley, Peter H. Dernoeden, and Bruce B. Clarke 
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Conservation Biological Control
Edited by Pedro Barbosa 
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Current Advances in Mycorrhizae Research
Edited by Gopi K. Podila and David D. Douds 
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Dictionary of Biological Control and Integrated Pest Management (3rd Edition)
J Coombs & R Coombs 
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Disease Control in Crops: Biological and Environmentally - Friendly Approaches
Edited by Dale Walters 
Wiley-Blackwell  March 2009   more details

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Edited by S Naqvi 
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Matt Liebman, Charles L. Mohler, Charles P. Staver 
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Edited by Judith Myers and Dawn Bazly 
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Edited by George G. Kennedy and Turner B. Sutton 
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Encyclopedia of Pest Management
David Pimentel 
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Edited by F Bigler, D Babendreier and U Kuhlmann 
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Exploitation of Fungi
Edited by G. D. Robson, Pieter van West and Geoffrey Gadd 
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Formulation of Microbial Biopesticides: Beneficial Microorganisms, Nematodes and Seed Treatments
H. Denis Burges 
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Edited by Roy, Helen E.; Wajnberg, Eric 
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Fundamentals of Stored Product Entomology
David W. Hagstrum and Bhadriraju Subramanyam 
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Edited by Kurt J. Leonard and William R. Bushnell 
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Fusarium Wilt of Banana
Edited by R.C. Ploetz 
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General Concepts in Integrated Pest and Disease Management
Edited by A Ciancio and K G Mukerji 
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Handbook of Pest Management
Edited by John R Ruberson 
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Heteroptera of Economic Importance
Carl W Schaefer, Antonio Ricardo Panizzi 
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Identifying British Insects and Arachnids - An Annotated Bibliography of Key Works
Edited by Peter C. Barnard 
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Insect Antifeedants
Opender Koul 
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Insect Diets: Science and Technology
Allen Carson Cohen 
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Marjorie A. Hoy 
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Insect Olfaction
Edited by B S Hansson 
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Horowitz, A.Rami; Ishaaya, Isaac 
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Insect Pest Management and Ecological Research
Cambridge University Press  April 2003   more details

Insect Pest Management: Techniques for Environmental Protection
CRC Press  1999   more details

Insect Pheromone Biochemistry and Molecular Biology - The Biosynthesis and Detection of Pheonomes and Plant Volatiles
Edited by Dr. Gary J. Blomquist , Dr. Richard Vogt 
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Insect Physiology and Biochemistry - 2nd edition
James L Nation 
CRC Press  April 2008   more details

Insect Predator-Prey Dynamics - Ladybird Beetles and Biological Control
A F G Dixon 
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Insect Symbiosis
Kostas Bourtzis, Thomas Miller 
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Insect Symbiosis, Volume 2
Edited by Kostas Bourtzis & Thomas A. Miller 
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Edited by Alfred Handler, Anthony James 
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Insects as Natural Enemies: A Practical Perspective - Second edition
Edited by M.A. Jervis 
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Integrated Management and Biocontrol of Vegetable and Grain Crops Nematodes
Edited by A Ciancio and K Mukerji 
Springer  2008   more details

Integrated Management of Diseases Caused by Fungi, Phytoplasma and Bacteria
Edited by Ciancio, Aurelio; Mukerji, K.G. 
Springer  July 2008   more details

Invasive Forest Insects, Introduced Forest Trees, and Altered Ecosystems - Ecological Pest Management in Global Forests of a Changing World
Edited by Timothy D. Paine 
Springer  November 2006   more details

Lacewings in the Crop Environment
Edited by Peter K. McEwen, Tim R. New, Andrew E. Whittington 
Cambridge University Press  June 2001   more details

Macroevolutionary Theory on Macroecological Patterns
Peter W. Price 
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Medicinal and Aromatic Plants XI
Edited by Y P S Bajaj 
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Microbial Ecology of Aerial Plant Surfaces
Edited by M J Bailey, A K Lilley, T M Timms-Wilson and P T N Spencer-Phillips 
CABI  October 2006   more details

Microbial Pest Control
Sushil K Khetan 
Marcel Dekker  2000   more details

Modern Food Microbiology (seventh edition)
James M. Jay, Martin J Loessner and David A. Golden 
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Molecular Biology of the Biological Control of Pests and Diseases of Plants
Edited by Muthukumaran Gunasekaran and Darrell Jack Weber 
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Molecular Host Plant Resistance to Pests
Edited by S. Sadasivam, B. Thayumanavan 
Marcel Dekker  2003   more details

Molecular Mechanisms of Plant and Microbe Coexistence
Edited by Nautiyal, Chandra Shekhar; Dion, Patrice 
Springer  June 2008   more details

Mycorrhizae and Plant Health
Edited by F L Pfleger and R G Linderman 
APS Press  1994   more details

Mycotoxins in food: Detection and control
Edited by M Magan and M Olsen 
Woodhead Publishing  2004   more details

Natural Enemies - An Introduction to Biological Control
Ann Hajek 
Cambridge University Press  December 2003   more details

Natural Enemies - The Population Biology of Predators, Parasites and Diseases
Edited by Michael J Crawley 
Blackwell Publishing  1992   more details

Natural Enemies of Terrestrial Molluscs
Edited by G Barker 
CABI  July 2004   more details

Nematodes as Biological Control Agents
Edited by P S Grewal, R Ehlers and D I Shapiro-llan 
CABI  December 2008   more details

Nematology: Advances and Perspectives Vol 1: Nematode Morphology, Physiology and Ecology
Edited by Z X Chen, S Y Chen, D W Dickson 
CABI  June 2004   more details

Nematology: Advances and Perspectives Vol II: Nematode Management and Utilization
Edited by Z X Chen, S Y Chen, D W Dickson 
CABI  October 2004   more details

Pattern and Process in Host-Parasitoid Interactions
Bradford A Hawkins 
Cambridge University Press  1994   more details

Pest and Vector Control
Edited by Helmut van Emden, Michael Service 
Cambridge University Press  2004   more details

Pheromones and Animal Behaviour - Communication by Smell and Taste
Edited by Tristram D. Wyatt 
Cambridge University Press  2003   more details

Phytochemical Biopesticides
Opender Koul, G. S Dhaliwal 
CRC Press  December 2000   more details

Pictorial Atlas of Soil and Seed Fungi: Morphologies of Cultured Fungi and Key to Species - 3rd edition
Tsuneo Watanabe, Tsukuba City, Japan 
CRC Press  2010   more details

Pine Wilt Disease: A Worldwide Threat to Forest Ecosystems
Edited by Vieira, Paulo R.; Mota, Manuel M. 
Springer  June 2008   more details

Plant Nematology
Edited by R N Perry and M Moens 
CABI  May 2006   more details

Population Ecology - An Introduction to Computer Simulations
Bernstein, Ruth 
John Wiley & Sons  March 2003   more details

Postharvest Pathogens and Disease Management
P. Narayanasamy 
Wiley  January 2006   more details

Predation in Organisms - A Distinct Phenomenon
Edited by Ashraf M.T. Elewa 
Springer  2007   more details

Predators and Parasitoids (Advances in Biopesticide Research Series)
Opender Koul, G. S Dhaliwal 
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Relationships of Natural Enemies and Non-prey Foods
J D Lundgren 
Springer  2009   more details

Renewable Energy Conversion, Transmission, and Storage
Bent Sorensen 
Academic Press  2008   more details

Root-knot Nematodes
Edited by R Perry and J Starr 
CABI  October 2009   more details

Rust Diseases of Willow and Poplar
Edited by M H Pei, A R McCracken 
CABI  July 2005   more details

Slayers, Saviors, Servants and Sex - An Expose of Kingdom Fungi
D Moore 
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Sterile Insect Technique - Principles and Practice in Area-Wide Integrated Pest Management
Edited by V A Dyck, J Hendrichs and AS Robinson 
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Storage of Cereal Grains and Their Products (4th Edition)
Edited by David B. Saucer 
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Sustainable Agriculture
Edited by Lichtfouse, E.; Navarrete, M.; Debaeke, P.; Souchère, V.; Alberola, C. 
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The Biology of Nematodes
Donald L Lee 
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Edited by Schulz, Stefan 
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Simon R. Leather, Keith F. A. Walters, Jeffrey S. Bale 
Cambridge University Press  1993   more details

The Insects - Structure and Function - 4th Edition
Edited by R. F. Chapman 
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The Manual of Biocontrol Agents - Fourth edition
Edited by Leonard G. Copping 
BCPC  November 2009   more details

The Mycota , Vol. IV: Environmental and Microbial Relationships (2nd edition)
Edited by Kubicek, C.P.; Druzhinina, I.S. 
Springer  2007   more details

The Nature and Practice of Biological Control of Plant Pathogens
R J Cook and K F Baker 
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The Nature of Wilt Diseases of Plants
C.H. Beckman 
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The Pesticide Manual - 16th edition
BCPC  November 2012   more details

Theoretical Approaches to Biological Control
Edited by Bradford A Hawkins and Howard V Cornell 
Cambridge University Press  1999   more details

Tortrid pests - Their Biology, Natural Enemies and Control
Edited by L P S van der Geest and H H Evenhuis 
Elsevier  1991   more details

Trophic and Guild Interactions in Biological Control
Edited by Jacques Brodeur and Guy Boivin 
Springer  2006   more details

Use of Microbes for Control and Eradication of Invasive Arthropods
Edited by Hajek, Ann E.; Glare, Travis R.; O'Callaghan, Maureen 
Springer  January 2009   more details

West Africa Regional Cocoa IPM Workshop - Proceedings
Edited by Janny Vos and Peter Neuenschwander 
CPL Press  2002   more details

Woody Plants and Woody Plant Management - Ecology, Safety, and Environmental Impact
Rodney W. Bovey 
Marcel Dekker  March 2001   more details

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