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A Genetic Switch, Third Edition, Phage Lambda Revisited
Mark Ptashne 
CSHL  2004   more details

Arabidopsis: A Laboratory Manual
Detlef Weigel and Jane Glazebrook 
CSHL  2002   more details

Methods in Yeast Genetics
David C. Amberg and Daniel J. Burke 
CSHL  2005   more details

Phage Display: A Laboratory Manual
Carlos F. Barbas III, Dennis R. Burton, Jamie K. Scott, and Gregg J. Silverman 
CSHL  2001   more details

Prion Biology and Diseases, Second Edition
Edited by Stanley B. Prusiner 
CSHL  2004   more details

Proteins and Proteomics: A Laboratory Manual
Richard Simpson 
CSHL  2003   more details

RNAi: A Guide to Gene Silencing
Edited by Gregory J. Hannon 
CSHL  2003   more details

The Nematode Caenorhabditis elegans (Monograph 17 in Cell and Developmental Biology)
Edited by William B. Wood 
Cold Spring Harbor  1988   more details

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