combined heat and power

Also indexed as: CHP

Clean Coal Engineering Technology
Bruce G. Miller 
Butterworth-Heinemann  2010   more details

Generating power at high efficiency: Combined cycle technology for sustainable energy production
E Jeffs 
Woodhead Publishing  April 2008   more details

Improvement of Crop Plants for Industrial End Uses
Edited by Ranalli, P 
Springer  2007   more details

Micro Cogeneration - Towards Decentralized Energy Systems
M Pehnt, M.Cames, C Fischer, B Praetorius, L Schneider, K Schumacher, J-P Voß 
Springer  November 2005   more details

New Technologies for Energy Efficiency
M F Hordeski 
Marcel Dekker  2002   more details

Proceedings of the First World Conference on Biomass for Energy and Industry
James & James (Science Publishers) Ltd  May 2001   more details

Success & Visions for Bioenergy: Thermal processing of biomass for bioenergy, biofuels and bioproducts
Edited by A V Bridgwater 
CPL Press  September 2007   more details

heat generation
power generation
renewable energy
combined heat and power

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