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Also indexed as: aquaculture : mariculture

A Colour Atlas of Dangerous Marine Animals
B. W. Halstead, P. S. Auerbach, D. Campbell 
Manson Publishing  1989   more details

A Fishery Manager's Guidebook, 2nd Edition
Edited by Kevern L. Cochrane and Serge M. Garcia 
Wiley-Blackwell  May 2009   more details

Advances in Fisheries Science: 50 Years on From Beverton and Holt
Edited by Andy Payne, John Cotter, Ted Potter 
Wiley-Blackwell  April 2008   more details

Aquaculture : An Introductory Text
R R Stickney 
CABI  July 2009   more details

Aquaculture Marketing Handbook
Carole Engle and Kwamena Quagrainie 
Blackwell  April 2006   more details

Aquaculture Water Reuse Systems: Engineering Design and Management
Edited by M B Timmons and T M Losordo 
Elsevier  1994   more details

Aquaculture and Fisheries Biotechnology: Genetic Approaches
R A Dunham 
CABI  February 2004   more details

Aquaculture in the Ecosystem
Edited by Holmer, M.; Black, K.; Duarte, C.M.; Marbŕ, N.; Karakassis, I. 
Springer  2008   more details

Aquatic Mites : From Genes to Communities
Edited by Heather Proctor 
Springer  2004   more details

Biology and Culture of Channel Catfish
Edited by C.S. Tucker and J.A. Hargreaves 
Elsevier Science  30 September 2004   more details

Biology of Sharks and Their Relatives
Edited by Jeffrey C Carrier, John A Musick, Michael R Heithaus 
CRC Press  2004   more details

CRC Handbook of Marine Mammal Medicine, Second Edition
Edited by Leslie A Dierauf, Frances M.D. Gulland 
CRC Press  2001   more details

Centrarchid Fishes: Diversity, Biology and Conservation
Edited by Steven Cooke, David P. Philipp 
Wiley-Blackwell  May 2009   more details

Dietary Supplements for the Health and Quality of Cultured Fish
Edited by H Nakagawa, M Sato, D M Gatlin III 
CABI  April 2007   more details

Dynamic Modeling for Marine Conservation
Springer  2002   more details

Ecological Methods, Third Edition
Edited by Richard Southwood and Peter A Henderson 
Blackwell publishing  2000   more details

Ecosystem Approaches to Fisheries
Edited by Villy Christensen and Jay Maclean 
Cambridge University Press  March 2011   more details

Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management
Jason Link 
CUP  October 2010   more details

Encyclopedia of Marine Mammals - 2nd edition
Edited by William F. Perrin, Bernd Wursig, J.G.M. Thewissen 
Academic Press  2009   more details

Environmental Risk Assessment of Genetically Modified Organisms Volume 3 : Methodologies for Transgenic Fish
Edited by A R Kapuscinski, K R Hayes, S Li and G Dana 
CABI  October 2007   more details

Extruders & Expanders in Pet Food, Aquatic & Livestock Feeds
Edited by Mian N. Riaz 
AACC  July 2007   more details

Fish Biomechanics
Edited by Robert E. Shadwick and George V. Lauder 
Academic Press  February 2006   more details

Fish Reproductive Biology: Implications for Assessment and Management
Edited by Tore Jakobsen, Michael J. Fogarty, Bernard A. Megrey, Erlend Moksness 
Wiley-Blackwell  April 2009   more details

Fishes: An Introduction to Ichthyology - 5th Edition
Peter Moyle, Joseph Cech 
Pearson Education  August 2003   more details

Food Chemistry - 4th Edition (2009)
Edited by Belitz, H.-D., Grosch, Werner, Schieberle, Peter 
Springer  2009   more details

Food Plant Sanitation
Edited by Y H Hui, Bernard L Bruinsma, J Richard Gorham, Wai-Kit Nip, Phillip S Tong and Phil Ventresca 
Marcel Decker  2002   more details

Freshwater Ecology - 2nd edition (Concepts and Environmental Applications of Limnology )
Walter K. Dodds and Matt R Whiles 
Academic Press  November 2010   more details

Fundamentals of Aquatic Ecology, Second Edition
Richard S K Barnes and Ken H Mann 
Blackwell Publishing  1991   more details

Global Warming - Implications for Freshwater and Marine Fish
Edited by Chris M. Wood, D. Gordon McDonald 
Cambridge University Press  1997   more details

Health Maintenance and Principal Microbial Diseases of Cultured Fishes, 3rd Edition
John A. Plumb, Larry A. Hanson 
Wiley-Blackwell  October 2010   more details

ICES Zooplankton Manual
Edited by R Harris, P H Wiebe, J Lenz, H-R Skjoldal and M Huntley 
Academic Press  2000   more details

Krill: Biology, Ecology and Fisheries
Edited by I Everson 
Blackwell Publishing  2000   more details

Leeches, Lice and Lampreys
Graham C. Kearn 
Springer  2004   more details

Lobsters: Biology, Management, Aquaculture and Fisheries
Edited by Bruce Phillips 
Blackwell  June 2006   more details

Making Waves: Integrating Coastal Conservation and Development
W Neil Adger, Katrina Brown and Emma L Tompkins 
Earthscan  2002   more details

Management and Ecology of Lake & Reservoir Fisheries
Edited by I G Cowx 
Blackwell Publishing  2002   more details

Management and Ecology of River Fisheries
Edited by I G Cowx 
Blackwell Publishing  February 2000   more details

Marine Biofouling: Colonization Processes and Defenses
CRC Press  2003   more details

Monitoring Vertebrate Populations
William L. Thompson, Gary C. White and Charles Gowan 
Academic Press  August 1998   more details

C. P. Summerhayes & S. A. Thorpe with forward by R.D. Ballard 
Manson Publishing  more details

Oceanography and Marine Environment in the Basque Country
A. Borja, M. Collins 
Elsevier Science  March 2004   more details

Participation in Fisheries Governance
Edited by T S Gray 
Springer  2005   more details

Periphyton: Ecology, Exploitation and Management
Edited by M E Azim, M C J Verdegem, A A van Dam, M C M Beveridge 
CABI  November 2005   more details

Phycology (4th edition)
Edited by Robert E Lee 
Cambridge University Press  March 2008   more details

Phytoplankton Productivity
Edited by Peter Williams, David Thomas and Colin Reynolds 
Blackwell Publishing  2002   more details

Plant-Environment Interactions (Third Edition)
Edited by Bingru Huang 
CRC Press  January 2006   more details

Poverty and Small-scale Fisheries in West Africa
Edited by Arthur Neiland and Christophe Béné 
Springer  2004   more details

Practical Handbook of Marine Science, Third Edition
Edited by Michael J Kennish 
CRC Press  2000   more details

Recreational Fisheries Ecological, Economic and Social Evaluation
Edited by T J Pitcher and C Hollingworth 
Blackwell - Wiley  2002   more details

Reproductive Science and Integrated Conservation
Edited by William V. Holt, Amanda R. Pickard, John C. Rodger, David E. Wildt 
Cambridge University Press  December 2002   more details

Salmonid Fisheries: Freshwater Habitat Management
Paul Kemp 
Wiley-Blackwell  June 2010   more details

Scallop Farming - second edition
David Hardy 
Blackwell  July 2006   more details

Scallops: Biology, Ecology and Aquaculture - 2nd edition
Edited by Sandra Shumway and G. Jay Parsons 
Elsevier  March 2006   more details

Selection and Breeding Programs in Aquaculture
Edited by Trygve Gjedrem 
Springer  2005   more details

Small-scale Fisheries Management Frameworks and Approaches for the Developing World
Edited by R S Pomeroy, 
CABI  January 2011   more details

The Changing Ocean Carbon Cycle - A Midterm Synthesis of the Joint Global Ocean Flux Study
Edited by Roger B. Hanson, Hugh W. Ducklow, John G. Field 
Cambridge University Press  2000   more details

The Earthscan Reader on International Trade and Sustainable Development
Edited by Kevin P Gallagher and Jacob Werksman 
Earthscan  2002   more details

The History of Aquaculture
Colin Nash 
Wiley-Blackwell  January 2011   more details

Toxicology of Marine Mammals
Joseph G Vos, Gregory Bossart, Michel Fournier, Thomas O'Shea 
CRC Press  December 2002   more details

Tropical Estuarine Fishes
Blackwell Publishing  more details

Tropical Mariculture
Sena De Silva 
Academic Press  1998   more details

Urban Aquaculture
Edited by B A Costa-Pierce, A Desbonnet, P Edwards, D Baker 
CABI  June 2005   more details

Use of Satellite and In-Situ Data to Improve Sustainability
Edited by Kogan, Felix; Powell, Alfred; Fedorov, Oleg 
Springer  2011   more details

World Directory of Environmental Organizations
Edited by Ted Trzyna 
Earthscan  2001   more details

geoENV III - Geostatistics for Environmental Applications
Edited by Pascal Monestiez , Denis Allard and Roland Froidevaux 
Kluwer Academic Publishers  August 2001   more details

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