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Also indexed as: diseases, plant : pathology, plant : phytopathology : plant diseases

A Colour Atlas of Diseases of Lettuce and Related Salad Crops
D Blancard 
Manson Publishing  March 2006   more details

A Colour Atlas of Pests of Ornamental Trees, Shrubs and Flowers
Edited by David V. Alford 
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Timothy D. Murray, David W. Parry, Nigel D. Cattlin 
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William E. MacHardy 
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Edited by Roland T Fox 
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Edited by Tivoli, B.; Baranger, A.; Muehlbauer, F.J.; Cooke, B.M. 
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Lakhdar Lamari 
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David C Sigee 
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Edited by Caitilyn Allen, Philippe Prior, and A. C. Hayward 
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Edited by Heikki M. T. Hokkanen, James M. Lynch 
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Samuel S. Gnanamanickam 
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Edited by Horace G Cutler and Stephen J Cutler 
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Edited by Igor Tikhonovich, Ben Lugtenberg and Nikolai Provorov 
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Edited by C. Gómez-Campo 
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Edited by Z K Punja, S De Boer, H I Sanfacon 
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Edited by J. M. Whipps, R. D. Lumsden 
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Edited by W E McKeen 
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Anand Prakash and Jagadiswari Rao 
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Edited by Elad, Y.; Williamson, B.; Tudzynski, P. and Delen, N. 
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Edited by Gupta, P.K.; Varshney, R.K. 
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Edited by L W Timmer and Larry W Duncan 
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J M Waller, M Bigger and R J Hillocks 
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Edited by Kranz, J. 
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Roger Hull 
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Edited by R. Kenneth Horst and Paul E. Nelson 
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Edited by Howard F. Schwartz and S. Krishna Mohan 
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Edited by D.E. Mathre 
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Edited by Donald G. White 
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Edited by Walter Mahaffee, Sarah Pethybridge, and David H. Gent 
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A.R. Chase 
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M.A. Ellis, R.H. Converse, R.N. Williams, and B. Williamson 
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Edited by D.L. Coyier and M.K. Roane 
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R.K. Horst 
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Edited by Richard A. Frederiksen and Gary N. Odvody 
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Richard W. Smiley, Peter H. Dernoeden, and Bruce B. Clarke 
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Edited by William W. Bockus, Robert L. Bowden, Robert M. Hunger, Wendell L. Morrill, Timothy D. Murray, and Richard W. Smiley 
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Edited by L.F. Diaz, M. de Bertoldi and W. Bidlingmaier 
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Anthony E Hall 
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Noel T. Keen, Shigeyuki Mayama 
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Brian W.J. Mahy and Marc H.V. van Regenmortel 
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V Raghavan 
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Edited by Dale Walters 
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APS Press  2002   more details

Diseases of Cereal Grains - Digital Image Collection
APS Press  2000   more details

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Edited by S Naqvi 
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Mark L. Gleason, Margery L. Daughtrey, Ann R. Chase, Gary W. Moorman, and Daren S. Mueller 
APS Press  2009   more details

Diseases of Legumes - Digital Image Collection
APS Press  2000   more details

Diseases of Root and Tuber Crops CD-Rom
APS Press  2002   more details

Diseases of Tropical Fruits, Citrus and Sugarcane CD-Rom
APS Press  2001   more details

Diseases of Woody Ornamentals and Trees CD-ROM (Personal Use Version*)
APS Press  2003   more details

Diseases of Woody Ornamentals and Trees in Nurseries
Edited by Ronald K Jones and D Michael Benson 
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Edited by George G. Kennedy and Turner B. Sutton 
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Gail Schumann and Cleo D'Arcy 
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Edited by John E. Lundquist and Richard C. Hamelin 
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Fruit and vegetable diseases
Edited by Mukerji, K.G 
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Jim deacon 
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Edited by Richard A Calderone and Ronald L Cihlar 
Marcel Dekker  October 2001   more details

Fusarium Wilt of Banana
Edited by R.C. Ploetz 
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Garden Detective (CD-ROM)
BCPC  April 2003   more details

General Concepts in Integrated Pest and Disease Management
Edited by A Ciancio and K G Mukerji 
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Edited by Rolf A. Prade and Hans J. Bohnert 
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Malcolm C. Shurtleff and Charles W. Averre, III 
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Growing Plantation Forests
Phil West 
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Handbook of Plant Virus Diseases
Edited by Dragoljub D Sutic, Richard E Ford and Malisa T Tosic 
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Herbicide Resistance and World Grains
Stephen B Powles, Dale L Shaner 
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Dalbir Singh and S. B Mathur 
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Edited by Anurag A. Agrawal, Sadik Tuzun, and Elizabeth Bent 
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Edited by Dale Walters, Adrian Newton, Gary Lyon 
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Edited by A Ciancio and K Mukerji 
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Integrated Management of Diseases Caused by Fungi, Phytoplasma and Bacteria
Edited by Ciancio, Aurelio; Mukerji, K.G. 
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Introduction to Plant Pathology
Richard N. Strange 
Wiley  October 2003   more details

Laboratory Guide for Identification of Plant Pathogenic Bacteria, Third Edition
Edited by NW Schaad, JB Jones, W Chun 
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Maize Diseases: A Reference Source for Seed Technologists
D.C. McGee 
APS Press  1988   more details

Managing Diseases in Greenhouse Crops
William R. Jarvis 
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Manual of GM Crops
BCPC  November 2010   more details

Microbial Activity in the Rhizosphere
Edited by Mukerji, K.G.; Manoharachary, C.; Singh, J. 
Springer  2006   more details

Microbial Biopesticides
Opender Koul, G. S Dhaliwal 
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Microbial Ecology of Aerial Plant Surfaces
Edited by M J Bailey, A K Lilley, T M Timms-Wilson and P T N Spencer-Phillips 
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Microbial Root Endophytes
Edited by Schulz, Barbara J.E.; Boyle, Christine J.C.; Sieber, Thomas N. 
Springer  2006   more details

Mineral Nutrition and Plant Disease
Edited by Lawrence E. Datnoff, Wade H. Elmer, Don M. Huber 
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Molecular Aspects of Plant Disease Resistance
Edited by Jane Parker 
Wiley - Blackwell  2008   more details

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P Narayanasamy 
Springer  June 2008   more details

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Edited by Muthukumaran Gunasekaran and Darrell Jack Weber 
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Edited by S. Sadasivam, B. Thayumanavan 
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Edited by Nautiyal, Chandra Shekhar; Dion, Patrice 
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Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions
Edited by K Bouarab, N Brisson and F Daayf 
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Edited by Sadik, Tuzun; Elizabeth, Bent 
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C Mandahar 
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Edited by F L Pfleger and R G Linderman 
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S Gianinazzi, H Schuepp, K Haselwandter and J M Barea 
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Edited by David Miller and H. Locksley Trenholm 
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Natural Products in Plant Pest Management
Edited by N K Dubey 
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Edited by P S Grewal, R Ehlers and D I Shapiro-llan 
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Edited by Oude Lansink, Alfons G.J.M. 
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Peanut Health Management
Edited by H A Melouk and F M Shokes 
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Anthony Biddle, Nigel D. Cattlin 
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Pests and Diseases of Potatoes
S. Wale, Nigel D. Cattlin 
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Phoma Identification Manual: Differentiation of Specific and Infra-specific Taxa in Culture
G H Boerema, J de Gruyter, M E Noordeloos, M E C Hamers  Edited by G H Boerema, J de Gruyter, M E Noordeloos, M E C Hamers 
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Physiology and Biochemistry of Metal Toxicity and Tolerance in Plants
Edited by M.N.V. Prasad and Kazimierz Strzalka 
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Phytobacteriology: Principles and Practice
J D Janse 
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Phytochemical Biopesticides
Opender Koul, G. S Dhaliwal 
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Phytophthora: Identifying Species by Morphology and DNA Fingerprints
Mannon E. Gallegly and Chuanxue Hong 
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Pictorial Atlas of Soil and Seed Fungi: Morphologies of Cultured Fungi and Key to Species - 3rd edition
Tsuneo Watanabe, Tsukuba City, Japan 
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Pine Wilt Disease: A Worldwide Threat to Forest Ecosystems
Edited by Vieira, Paulo R.; Mota, Manuel M. 
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Plant Biology 2nd edition
Linda Graham, Jim Graham, Lee Wilcox 
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Plant Defense: Warding off attack by pathogens, herbivores and parasitic plants
Dale Walters 
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Plant Development and Biotechnology
Edited by Robert N Trigiano and Dennis J Gray 
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Plant Diseases: Their Biology and Social Impact
Gail L. Schumann 
APS  1991   more details

Plant Nematodes of Agricultural Importance: A Colour Handbook
Edited by John S. Bridge, Jim Starr 
Manson  February 2007   more details

Plant Pathogen Detection and Disease Diagnosis (Second edition, revised and expanded)
P Narayanasamy 
Marcel Dekker  August 2001   more details

Plant Pathogens and the Worldwide Movement of Seeds
Edited by Denis C. McGee 
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Plant Pathology (Fifth Edition)
George N Agrios 
Academic Press  January 2005   more details

Plant Pathology Concepts and Laboratory Exercises - 2nd edition
Edited by Robert N Trigiano, Mark T Windham, Alan S Windham 
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Plant Roots: The Hidden Half - Third Edition, Revised and Expanded
Edited by Yoav Waisel, Amram Eshel, Uzi Kafkafi 
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Plant Surface Microbiology
Edited by Varma, A.; Abbott, L.; Werner, D.; Hampp, R. 
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Plant Virology Protocols - From Viral Sequence to Protein Function (2nd edition)
Edited by Foster, G.D.; Johansen, I.E.; Hong, Y.; Nagy, P.D. 
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Plant Virus Disease Control
Edited by A Hadidi, R K Khetarpal and H Koganezawa 
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Plant Virus Evolution
Edited by Marilyn J. Roossinck 
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Plant-Associated Bacteria
Edited by Gnanamanickam, Samuel S. 
Springer  2006   more details

Plant-Fungal Pathogen Interaction - A Classical and Molecular View
H H Prell and P Day 
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Plant-Parasitic Nematodes of Coffee
Edited by Ricardo M. Souza 
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Plant-Pathogen Interactions
Edited by P C Ronald 
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Edited by Nicholas Talbot 
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P. Narayanasamy 
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R Wills, B McGlasson, D Graham and D Joyce 
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Edited by Dennis A. Johnson 
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Opender Koul, G. S Dhaliwal 
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Pteridology in the New Millennium: NBRI Golden Jubilee Volume
Edited by Subhash Chandra and Mrittunjai Srivastava 
Kluwer Academic Publishers  March 2003   more details

Reaching for the Sun - How plants work (2nd ed)
John King 
CUP  January 2011   more details

Root-knot Nematodes
Edited by R Perry and J Starr 
CABI  October 2009   more details

Rust Diseases of Willow and Poplar
Edited by M H Pei, A R McCracken 
CABI  July 2005   more details

Sclerotinia Diseases of Crop Plants: Biology, Ecology and Disease Management
G S Saharan, Naresh Mehta 
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Shade Tree Wilt Diseases
APS Press  2001   more details

Slayers, Saviors, Servants and Sex - An Expose of Kingdom Fungi
D Moore 
Springer Verlag  2001   more details

Soil Tillage in Agroecosystems
Edited by Dr. Adel El Titi 
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Soybean Diseases of the North Central Region
Edited by T D Wyllie and D H Scott 
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Soybean Diseases: A Reference Source for Seed Technologists
D.C. McGee 
APS Press  1992   more details

Storage of Cereal Grains and Their Products (4th Edition)
Edited by David B. Saucer 
AACC  1992   more details

Sugar Beet
Edited by Philip Draycott 
Blackwell  January 2006   more details

Sugarcane - 2nd Edition
Edited by Glyn James 
Blackwell  May 2004   more details

Sustainable strategies for managing Brassica napus (oilseed rape) resistance to Leptosphaeria maculans (phoma stem canker)
Edited by Fitt, B.D.L.; Evans, N.; Howlett, B.J.; Cooke, B.M. 
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Marieka Gryzenhout, Brenda D. Wingfield, and Michael J. Wingfield 
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Testing Methods for Seed-Transmitted Viruses: Principles and Protocols
S E Albrechtsen 
CABI  January 2006   more details

The Biology of Nematodes
Donald L Lee 
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Edited by Lebeda, Ales; Spencer-Phillips, Peter T. N.; Cooke, B. M. 
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Edited by Cooke, B.M.; Jones, D. Gareth; Kaye, B. 
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Edited by R E Litz 
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Edited by Kempken, F. 
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R J Cook and K F Baker 
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The Nature of Diseases in Plants
Robert P Scheffer 
Cambridge University Press  April 1997   more details

The Nature of Wilt Diseases of Plants
C.H. Beckman 
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The Plant Disease Clinic and Field Diagnosis of Abiotic Diseases
Malcolm C. Shurtleff and Charles W. Averre, III 
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The Role of Plant Pathology in Food Safety and Food Security
Edited by R N Strange and Maria Lodovica Gullino 
Springer  2009   more details

The UK Pesticide Guide 2013 - NEW EDITION
Edited by Martin Lainsbury 
BCPC  January 2013   more details

Theoretical Approaches to Biological Control
Edited by Bradford A Hawkins and Howard V Cornell 
Cambridge University Press  1999   more details

Transgenic Plants and Crops
Edited by George G Khachatourians, Alan McHughen, Ralph Scorza, Wai-Kit Nip and Y H. Hui 
Marcel Dekker  November 2001   more details

Tree Transgenesis - Recent Developments
Edited by Fladung, Matthias; Ewald, Dietrich 
Springer  2006   more details

Tropical Plant Diseases (Second Edition)
H. David Thurston 
APS Press  1998   more details

Vegetable Brassicas and Related Crucifers
G R Dixon 
CABI  November 2006   more details

Vegetable Diseases: A Colour Handbook
Steven Koike, Peter Gladders, Albert Paulus 
Manson  December 2006   more details

Virus Diseases of Plants on CD
Edited by O.W. Barnett and John L. Sherwood 
APS Press  2009   more details

Virus and Virus-like Diseases of Major Crops in Developing Countries
Edited by Gad Loebenstein and George Thottappilly 
Springer  2004   more details

Virus-Resistant Transgenic Plants: Potential Ecological Impact
Edited by M Tepfer and E Balazs 
Springer Verlag  1997   more details

Westcott's Plant Disease Handbook - 7th edtion
Edited by Kenneth R Horst 
Springer  2008   more details

Wheat Health Management
R J Cook and R J Veseth 
APS Press  1991   more details

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