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Archaea - Molecular and Cellular Biology
Edited by Ricardo Cavicchioli 
Blackwell  March 2007   more details

Bacterial Resistance to Antimicrobials - 2nd edition
Edited by Kim Lewis, Abigail A. Salyers, Harry W Taber and Richard G Wax 
Marcel Dekker  May 2007   more details

Concise Dictionary of Biomedicine and Molecular Biology - Second Edition
Pei-Show Juo 
CRC Press  2001   more details

Dietary Fiber in Health and Disease
Edited by David Kritchevsky and Charles Bonfield 
Eagan Press  1994   more details

Edited by V Matranga 
Springer  2005   more details

Flavonoids and other Polyphenols
Abelson, Simon and Packer 
Academic Press  2001   more details

Fungal Pathogenesis - Principles and Clinical Applications
Edited by Richard A Calderone and Ronald L Cihlar 
Marcel Dekker  October 2001   more details

Handbook of Dietary Fiber
Edited by Susan Sungsoo Cho and Mark L Dreher 
Marcel Dekker  August 2001   more details

Handbook of Epigenetics - The New Molecular and Medical Genetics
Edited by Trygve Tollefsbol 
Academic Press  October 2010   more details

Handbook of Medicinal Herbs - 2nd Edition
Edited by James A Duke and Maryl Fulton 
CRC Press  July 2002   more details

Interfacial Electrokinetics and Electrophoresis
Edited by Angel V Delgado 
Marcel Dekker  December 2001   more details

Keys to the Trematoda, Volume 2
Edited by A Jones, R A Bray, D I Gibson 
CABI  June 2005   more details

Mass Spectrometry in Drug Discovery
Edited by David T. Rossi and Michael W Sinz 
Marcel Dekker  November 2001   more details

Mechanical Life Cycle Handbook - Good Environmental Design and Manufacturing
Edited by Mahendra S. Hundal 
Marcel Dekker  September 2001   more details

Medical Entomology for Students - 4th Edition
Mike Service 
CUP  February 2008   more details

Medicinal Plants of Asia and the Pacific
Christophe Wiart 
CRC Press  June 2006   more details

Medicinal and Aromatic Plants XI
Edited by Y P S Bajaj 
Springer Verlag  1999   more details

Natural Products from Plants - Second edition
Edited by Leland J. Cseke, Ara Kirakosyan, Peter B Kaufman, Sara Warber, James A Duke and Harry L. Brielmann 
CRC Press  June 2006   more details

Natural-based polymers for biomedical applications
Edited by R L Reis, Section editors: N M Neves, J F Mano, M E Gomes, A P Marques and H S Azevedo 
Woodhead Publishing  August 2008   more details

Optimization of Solid-Phase Combinatorial Synthesis
Edited by Bing Yan and Anthony W Czarnik 
Marcel Dekker  December 2001   more details

Pathogenic Fungi in Humans and Animals, Second Edition
Edited by Dexter Howard 
Marcel Dekker  2002   more details

Peptide Antibiotics - Discovery, Modes of Action, and Applications
Edited by Charles J Dutton, Mark A Haxell, Hamish A. I. McArthur and Richard G. Wax 
Marcel Dekker  December 2001   more details

Polymer Gels and Networks
Yoshihito Osada and Alexei R Khokhlov 
Marcel Dekker  December 2001   more details

Polymeric Biomaterials (Second Edition, Revised and Expanded)
Edited by Severian Dumitriu 
Marcel Dekker  November 2001   more details

Polymers in Particulate Systems - Properties and Applications
Edited by Vincent A Hackley, P Somasundaran and Jennifer A Levas 
Marcel Dekker  November 2001   more details

Protein-Based Surfactants - Synthesis, Physicochemical Properties and Applications
Edited by Ifendu A Nnanna, and Jiding Xia 
CRC Press  2001   more details

Research Methodology in the Medical and Biological Sciences
Petter Laake and Haakon Breien Benestad 
Academic Press  September 2007   more details

Sphingolipid Biology
Edited by Hirabayashi, Yoshio; Igarashi, Yasuyuki; Merrill, Alfred H. Jr. 
Springer  August 2006   more details

The Constituents of Medicinal Plants: An Introduction to the Chemistry and Therapeutics of Herbal Medicine
A Pengelly 
CABI  February 2004   more details

Transgenic Plants and Crops
Edited by George G Khachatourians, Alan McHughen, Ralph Scorza, Wai-Kit Nip and Y H. Hui 
Marcel Dekker  November 2001   more details

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