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Bioactive Marine Natural Products
Edited by Bhakuni, D.S., Rawat, D.S. 
Springer  2005   more details

Bioactive Molecules and Medicinal Plants
Edited by Ramawat, Kishan Gopal; Mérillon, Jean-Michel 
Springer  2008   more details

Biocatalysis and Bioenergy
Edited by C. T. Hou, Jei-Fu Shaw 
Wiley  September 2008   more details

Carotenoids in Health and Disease
Edited by Norman I Krinsky; Susan T Mayne; Helmut Sies 
CRC Press  2004   more details

Catalyst Separation, Recovery and Recycling - Chemistry and Process Design
Edited by Cole-Hamilton, David J.; Tooze, Robert P. 
Springer  2006   more details

Cereal Straw as a Resource for Sustainable Biomaterials and Biofuels - Chemistry, Extractives, Lignins, Hemicelluloses and Cellulose
RunCang Sun 
Elsevier  2010   more details

Chemicals via Higher Plant Bioengineering
Edited by Fereidoon Shahidi, Paul Kolodziejczyk, John R. Whitaker, Agustin Lopez Munguia and Glenn Fuller 
Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers  1999   more details

Efficiency and Sustainability in the Energy and Chemical Industries - 2nd edition
Krishnan Sankaranarayanan, Jakob de Swaan Arons, Hedzer J. van der Kooi 
CRC Press  May 2010   more details

Environmental Chemistry - Green Chemistry and Pollutants in Ecosystems
Edited by Lichtfouse, Eric; Schwarzbauer, Jan; Robert, Didier 
Springer  2005   more details

Environmental Chemistry: Fundamentals
Ibanez, J.G., Hernandez-Esparza, M., Doria-Serrano, C., Fregoso-Infante, A., Singh, M.M. 
Springer  2007   more details

Food Additives (Second edition, revised and expanded)
Edited by Alfred Larry Branen, Michael Davidson, Seppo Salminen and John H Thorngate 
Marcel Dekker  October 2001   more details

Fungi: Biology and Applications (2nd edition)
Edited by Kevin Kavanagh 
Wiley  October 2011   more details

Green Chemical Reactions
Edited by Tundo, Pietro; Esposito, Vittorio 
Springer  June 2008   more details

Introduction to Biocatalysis Using Enzymes and Microorganisms
S. M. Roberts, Nicholas J. Turner, Andrew J. Willetts, Michael K. Turner 
Cambridge University Press  1995   more details

Mass Spectrometry of Polymers
Edited by Giorgio Montaudo and Robert P Lattimer 
CRC Press  2001   more details

Modeling Chemical Systems using Cellular Automata
Edited by Lemont B. Kier, Paul G Seybold, Chao-Kun Cheng 
Springer  November 2005   more details

NF-2000 - AIR Programme Final Project Results disseminated under FAIR-CT96-1094
Edited by Jim Coombs and Katy Hall 
CPL Press  more details

Natural Food Colorants - Science and Technology
Edited by Gabriel J Lauro and F Jack Francis 
Marcel Dekker  2000   more details

Perspectives in Flavor and Fragrance Research
Edited by Philip Kraft and Karl A. D. Swift 
Wiley  2005   more details

Pharmacognosy - phytochemistry of medicinal plants (2nd Edition)
Jean Bruneton 
Lavoisier  1999   more details

Plant Volatile Analysis
Edited by H F Linskens and J F Jackson 
Springer Verlag  1997   more details

Practical Polyphenolics - From Structure to Molecular Recognition and Physiological Action
Edwin Haslam 
Cambridge University Press  1998   more details

Protein-Based Surfactants - Synthesis, Physicochemical Properties and Applications
Edited by Ifendu A Nnanna, and Jiding Xia 
CRC Press  2001   more details

Public Health Risk Assessment for Human Exposure to Chemicals
Kofi Asante-Duah 
Kluwer Academic Publishers  September 2002   more details

Pyrolysis and Gasification of Biomass and Waste
Edited by A V Bridgwater 
CPL Press  2003   more details

Rheology Essentials of Cosmetic and Food Emulsions
R Brummer 
Springer  2005   more details

Studies in Natural Products Chemistry, Bioactive Natural Products (Part I)
Edited by Atta-ur Rahman 
Elsevier Science  8 July 2003   more details

The Constituents of Medicinal Plants: An Introduction to the Chemistry and Therapeutics of Herbal Medicine
A Pengelly 
CABI  February 2004   more details

Thermochemical Processing of Biomass: Conversion into Fuels, Chemicals and Power
Edited by Robert C. Brown, Christian Stevens 
Wiley  March 2011   more details

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