synthesis, chemical

Also indexed as: conversion, chemical

Food Chemistry - 4th Edition (2009)
Edited by Belitz, H.-D., Grosch, Werner, Schieberle, Peter 
Springer  2009   more details

Glycopeptides and Glycoproteins - Synthesis, Structure, and Application
Edited by Valentin Wittmann 
Springer  February 2007   more details

Green Chemical Reactions
Edited by Tundo, Pietro; Esposito, Vittorio 
Springer  June 2008   more details

Handbook of Chemical Technology and Pollution Control - 3rd edition
Martin B Hocking 
Academic Press  2005   more details

Hydrolases in Organic Synthesis: Regio- and Stereoselective Biotransformations, 2nd Edition
Uwe Theo Bornscheuer, Romas Joseph Kazlauskas 
Wiley  November 2005   more details

Hypercrosslinked Polymeric Networks and Adsorbing Materials - Synthesis, Properties, Structure, and Applications
Vadim Davankov and Maria P. Tsyurupa 
Elsevier  January 2011   more details

Microwave-assisted Organic Synthesis - One Hundred Reaction Procedures
D. Bogdal 
Elsevier  December 2005   more details

Optimization of Solid-Phase Combinatorial Synthesis
Edited by Bing Yan and Anthony W Czarnik 
Marcel Dekker  December 2001   more details

Polyols for Polyurethanes
M. Ionescu 
Rapra Technology  2005   more details

Proceedings of the Bioten Conference on Biomass Bioenergy and Biofuels 2010
Edited by A V Bridgwater 
CPL Press  October 2011   more details

synthesis, chemical

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