trees and timber

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Acoustics of Wood - second edition
Voichita Bucur 
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Richard Harris, James Clark, Nelda Matheny 
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C G Williams 
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Edited by Dr. Joseph Buongiorno, Dr. J. Keith Gilless 
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Diseases of Woody Ornamentals and Trees CD-ROM (Personal Use Version*)
APS Press  2003   more details

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Margaret Lowman, H. Bruce Rinker 
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Pete Bettinger, Kevin Boston, Jacek Siry and Donald L. Grebner 
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Edited by Mansourian, Stephanie; Vallauri, Daniel; Dudley, Nigel 
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Forest Trees
Edited by C Kole 
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Global Forest Products Model
Edited by Dr. Joseph Buongiorno, Dr. Shushuai Zhu Ph.D., Dr. Dali Zhang, Dr. James Turner, Dr. David Tomberlin 
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Phil West 
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Eugene AVaganov, Malcolm K Hughes and Alexander V. Shashkin 
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Edited by Ona, T. 
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A. F. G. Dixon 
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Anthony Young 
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M Forrest 
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Edited by M. L. Hunter 
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Edited by Broll, Gabriele; Keplin, Beate 
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Edited by Jim Coombs and Katy Hall 
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Natural Woodland
Edited by George Peterken 
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Roger M Rowell, Raymond A Young and Judith Rowell 
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Edited by J Evans 
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John C.F. Walker 
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Protocol for Somatic Embryogenesis in Woody Plants
Edited by Jain, S. Mohan; Gupta, Pramod K. 
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Edited by Jain, S.Mohan; Häggman, H. 
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Edited by Adams, Darius M.; Haynes, Richard W. 
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Edited by M H Pei, A R McCracken 
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Sustainability of construction materials
Edited by J Khatib 
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Edited by Röser, D.; Asikainen, A.; Raulund-Rasmussen, K.; Stupak, I. 
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Edited by Abraham Guillen, Sarah A Laird, Patricia Shanley and Alan R Pierce 
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K.H. Lee, H. Itokawa 
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Edited by Jeffrey Sayer 
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Edited by Shibu Jose, Eric J Jokela and Deborah L. Miller 
Springer  April 2006   more details

The Measurement of Roundwood: Methodologies and Conversion Ratios
M A Fonseca 
CABI  October 2005   more details

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Andrew Grieser Johns with a Foreword by Jeffrey Burley 
Cambridge University Press  1997   more details

Transgenic Crops V
Edited by Pua, E.C.; Davey, M.R. 
Springer  2007   more details

Transgenic crops of the world
Edited by Curtis, Ian S. 
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Tree Transgenesis - Recent Developments
Edited by Fladung, Matthias; Ewald, Dietrich 
Springer  2006   more details

Tree and Forest Measurement - 2nd edition
Edited by West, P. W. 
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Trees - Their Natural History
P. A. Thomas 
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Trees and Forests - A Colour Guide
Bryan B. Bowes 
Manson  July 2009   more details

Tropical Rain Forests - An Ecological and Biogeographical Comparison (2nd edition)
Richard B. Primack and Richard Corlett 
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Urban Forests and Trees - A Reference Book
Edited by Konijnendijk, C.C.; Nilsson, K.; Randrup, T.B.; Schipperijn, J. 
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Valuing Agroforestry Systems - Methods and Applications
Edited by Alavalapati, Janaki R.R.; Mercer, D. Evan 
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Valuing Mediterranean Forests: Towards Total Economic Value
Edited by M Merlo, L Croitoru 
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Walter's Vegetation of the Earth - The Ecological Systems of the Geo-Biosphere (NEW 4th Edition)
Edited by Breckle, S.-W., 
Springer  2002   more details

Way Out of the Woods - Learning How to Manage Trees and Forests
Edited by Paul Van Mele 
CPL Press  2003   more details

Weed Science - Principles and Practices, 4th Edition
Monaco, Thomas J.; Weller, Stephen C.; Ashton, Floyd M. 
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Wood and Cellulosic Chemistry (second edition)
Edited by David N-S Hon and Nobuo Shiraishi 
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Wood and Tree Fungi - Biology, Damage, Protection, and Use
Olaf Schmidt 
Springer  2006   more details

Woody Plants and Woody Plant Management - Ecology, Safety, and Environmental Impact
Rodney W. Bovey 
Marcel Dekker  March 2001   more details

World Agriculture: Towards 2015/2030 - An FAO Perspective
Edited by Jelle Bruinsma 
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geoENV III - Geostatistics for Environmental Applications
Edited by Pascal Monestiez , Denis Allard and Roland Froidevaux 
Kluwer Academic Publishers  August 2001   more details

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