Also indexed as: pheromones

Advances in Insect Chemical Ecology
Edited by Ring T. Carde, Jocelyn Millar 
Cambridge University Press  April 2004   more details

Allelopathy: Chemistry and Mode of Action of Allelochemicals
Francisco A Macias, Juan C.G. Galindo, Jose M. G. Molinillo, Horace G Cutler 
CRC Press  September 2003   more details

Dictionary of Biological Control and Integrated Pest Management (3rd Edition)
J Coombs & R Coombs 
CPL Press  2003   more details

Handbook of Pest Management
Edited by John R Ruberson 
Marcel Dekker  1999   more details

Insect Olfaction
Edited by B S Hansson 
Springer Verlag  1999   more details

Insect Pheromone Biochemistry and Molecular Biology - The Biosynthesis and Detection of Pheonomes and Plant Volatiles
Edited by Dr. Gary J. Blomquist , Dr. Richard Vogt 
Academic Press  October 2003   more details

Integrated Pest Management: Potential, Constraints and Challenges
Edited by O Koul, G S Dhaliwlal, G W Cuperus 
CABI  June 2004   more details

Pheromones and Animal Behaviour - Communication by Smell and Taste
Edited by Tristram D. Wyatt 
Cambridge University Press  2003   more details

Principles and Practices in Plant Ecology: Allelochemical Interactions
Edited by K. M. M. Dakshini, Chester L Foy 
CRC Press  1999   more details

The Chemistry of Pheromones and Other Semiochemicals I
Edited by Schulz, Stefan 
Springer  August 2004   more details

The Chemistry of Pheromones and Other Semiochemicals II
Edited by Stefan Schulz 
Springer  2005   more details

The Evolution of Mating Systems in Insects and Arachnids
Edited by Jae C Choe and Bernard J Crespi 
Cambridge University Press  1997   more details

The Insects - Structure and Function - 4th Edition
Edited by R. F. Chapman 
Cambridge University Press  1998   more details

The Manual of Biocontrol Agents - Fourth edition
Edited by Leonard G. Copping 
BCPC  November 2009   more details

The Pesticide Manual - 16th edition
BCPC  November 2012   more details

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