Agrobacterium: From Biology to Biotechnology
Edited by Tzfira, Tzvi; Citovsky, Vitaly 
Springer  2008   more details

Biofilms in the food and beverage industries
Edited by P M Fratamico, B A Annous and N W Guenther 
Woodhead  September 2009   more details

Colloidal Transport in Porous Media
Edited by Frimmel, Fritz H.; Kammer, Frank von der; Flemming, Hans-Curt 
Springer  2007   more details

Control of Biofilm Infections by Signal Manipulation
Edited by Naomi Balaban 
Springer  2008   more details

Microbial Ecology of Aerial Plant Surfaces
Edited by M J Bailey, A K Lilley, T M Timms-Wilson and P T N Spencer-Phillips 
CABI  October 2006   more details

Microbial Strategies for Crop Improvement
Edited by Khan, Mohammad Saghir; Zaidi, Almas; Musarrat, Javed 
Springer  2009   more details

The Biofilm Primer
J. William Costerton 
Springer  2007   more details

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