modelling, computer & mathematical

Also indexed as: computer-based analysis : informatics : mathematical modelling : simulation, computer

Advanced Ecological Theory
Edited by Jacqueline McGlade, NERC 
Blackwell Publishing  1999   more details

Advanced Process Identification and Control
Enso Ikonen and Kaddour Najim 
Marcel Dekker  October 2001   more details

Advanced Quantitative Microbiology for Foods and Biosystems: Models for Predicting Growth and Inactivation
Micha Peleg 
CRC Press  April 2006   more details

Advances in Urban Flood Management
Edited by R Ashley, S Garvin, E Pasche, A. Vassilopoulos and C. Zevenbergen 
CRC Press  May 2007   more details

Agricultural Productivity: Measurement and Sources of Growth
V. Eldon Ball and George W. Norton  Edited by V. Eldon Ball and George W. Norton 
Kluwer Academic Publishers  2002   more details

Agricultural Systems Management
Robert M. Peart, W. David Shoup 
Marcel Dekker  2004   more details

Agriculture as a Producer and Consumer of Energy
Edited by J Outlaw, K Collins, J Duffield 
CABI  July 2005   more details

Air Pollution Modelling and Simulation
Edited by Sportisse, B. 
Springer  2002   more details

Algorithms in Bioinformatics
Edited by Benson, Gary; Page, Roderic 
Springer  2003   more details

An Introduction to Computational Biochemistry
Tsai, C. Stan 
John Wiley & Sons  June 2002   more details

Analysis and Management of Animal Populations
Edited by Byron K. Williams, James D. Nichols, Michael J. Conroy 
Academic Press  May 2002   more details

Area-Wide Control of Insect Pests - From Research to Field Implementation
Edited by Vreysen, M.J.B.; Robinson, A.S.; Hendrichs, J. 
Springer  2007   more details

Artificial Photosynthesis: From Basic Biology to Industrial Application
Edited by Anthony F. Collings and Christa Critchley 
Wiley  more details

Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling: An Introduction to Practical Applications
Rod Barratt 
Earthscan  2001   more details

Batch Fermentation - Modeling, Monitoring and Control
Edited by Ali Cinar, Satish J Parulekar, Cenk Undey and Gulnur Birol 
Marcel Dekker  2003   more details

Bioinformatics and the Cell: Modern Computational Approaches in Genomics, Proteomics and Transcriptomics
Edited by X Xia 
Springer  2007   more details

Biological Ice Nucleation and It's Applications
Edited by Richard E. Lee, Jr., Gareth J. Warren and L.V. Gusta 
APS Press  1995   more details

Biomathematics - Modelling and Simulation
Edited by J C Misra 
World Scientific Press  September 2006   more details

Biosciences on the Internet - A Students Guide
Dussart, Georges 
John Wiley & Sons  April 2002   more details

Case studies in novel food processing technologies: Innovations in processing, packaging, and predictive modelling
Edited by C J Doona, K Kustin, F E Feeherry 
Woodhead Publishing  October 2010   more details

Catalytic Kinetics
Dmitry Murzin and Tapio Salmi 
Elsevier Science  September 2005   more details

Challenges of Power Engineering and Environment
Edited by Cen, Kefa; Chi, Yong; Wang, Fei 
Springer  May 2008   more details

Chemical Fate and Transport in the Environment (second edition)
Harold F Hemond and Elizabeth J 
Academic Press  1999   more details

Circuits, Signals, and Systems for Bioengineers - A MATLAB-Based Introduction
John Semmlow 
Academic Press  April 2005   more details

Climate Change and Climate Modeling
J D Neelin 
CUP  December 2010   more details

Climate Change in Contrasting River Basins: Adaptation Strategies for Water, Food and Environment
Edited by J Aerts, P Droogers 
CABI  December 2004   more details

Combinatorial Library Design and Evaluation - Principles, Software Tools and Applications in Drug Discovery
Edited by Arup K Ghose and Vellarkad N Viswanadhan 
Marcel Dekker  2001   more details

Commodities and Commodity Derivatives: Modeling and Pricing for Agriculturals, Metals and Energy
Helyette Geman 
Wiley  more details

Compact Handbook of Computational Biology
Edited by Andrzej K Konopka; M. James C. Crabbe 
CRC Press  2004   more details

Computational Systems Biology
Edited by Andres Kriete and Roland Eils 
Academic press  2006   more details

Computer Vision Technology for Food Quality Evaluation
Edited by Da-Wen Sun 
Academic Press  January 2008   more details

Computer Vision Technology for Food Quality Evaluation
Edited by Da-Wen Sun 
Academic Press  January 2008   more details

Computer-Based Environmental Management
Seppelt, Ralf 
Wiley-VCH  September 2003   more details

Coping with Risk in Agriculture, 2nd Edition
J B Hardaker, R B M Huirne, J R Anderson, G Lien 
CABI  March 2004   more details

Crystallization Processes in Fats and Lipid Systems
Edited by Nissim Garti and Kiyotaka Sato 
Marcel Dekker  2001   more details

Data Integration in the Life Sciences
Edited by Rahm, Erhard (Ed.) 
Springer Verlag  2004   more details

Decision Methods For Forest Managers
Edited by Dr. Joseph Buongiorno, Dr. J. Keith Gilless 
Academic Press  2003   more details

Detecting and Modelling Regional Climate Change
Edited by Brunet India, M. and Lopez Bonillo, D. 
Springer  2001   more details

Dictionary of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
Edited by John M. Hancock and Marketa J. Zvelebil 
Wiley  August 2004   more details

Digital Soil Mapping - An Introductory Perspective
Edited by Philippe Lagacherie, Alex McBratney, Marc Voltz 
Elsevier  November 2006   more details

Dynamic Modeling for Marine Conservation
Springer  2002   more details

Dynamic Modeling of Environmental Systems
M.L. Deaton, J.J. Winebrake 
Springer Verlag  2000   more details

Dynamics of Fibre Formation and Processing - Modelling and Application in Fibre and Textile Industry
Roland Beyreuther and Harald Brünig, 
Springer  November 2006   more details

Dynamics of the Atmosphere - A Course in Theoretical Meteorology
Wilford Zdunkowski, Andreas Bott 
Cambridge University Press  April 2003   more details

E Issues in Agribusiness: The What, Why and How
K P Bryceson 
CABI  July 2006   more details

Ecological Modeling for Resource Management
Edited by Dale, Virginia H. 
Springer  2003   more details

Ecological Modeling in Risk Assessment: Chemical Effects on Populations, Ecosystems and Landscapes
Robert A Pastorok, Steven M Bartell, Scott Ferson, Lev R Ginzburg 
CRC Press  2001   more details

Ecological Modeling: A Common-Sense Approach to Theory and Practice
William E. Grant, Todd M. Swannack 
Wiley - Blackwell  November 2007   more details

Elements of Mathematical Ecology
Cambridge University Press  July 2001   more details

Elsevier's Dictionary of Horticultural and Agricultural Plant Production
Elsevier  1990   more details

Energy and Environment
Edited by Richard Loulou, Jean-Philippe Waaub and Georges Zaccour 
Springer  2005   more details

Environmental Applications of Geochemical Modeling
Chen Zhu, Greg Anderson 
Cambridge University Press  May 2002   more details

Environmental Fluid Mechanics
Hillel Rubin and Joseph Atkinson 
Marcel Dekker  July 2001   more details

Environmental Modelling - Finding Simplicity in Complexity
Edited by Wainwright, John; Mulligan, Mark 
John Wiley & Sons  January 2004   more details

Environmental Soil Physics - Fundamentals, Applications and Environmental Considerations
Daniel Hillel 
Academic Press  1998   more details

Enzyme Kinetics - From Diastase to Multi-enzyme Systems
Arthur R. Schulz 
Cambridge University Press  1995   more details

Estimating Animal Abundance - Closed Populations (with free software)
Borchers, D.L., Buckland, S.T., Zucchini, W. 
Springer  2nd Print, 2004 (200   more details

Estimating Groundwater Recharge
Richard W. Healy 
CUP  September 2010   more details

European Forests and Global Change - Likely Impacts of Rising Carbon Dioxide and Temperature
Edited by Paul G. Jarvis 
Cambridge University Press  1998   more details

Evolutionary Analysis - 4th Edition
Scott Freeman, Jon Herron 
Pearson Education  Novemebr 2006   more details

Extrusion Cooking
Edited by Christiane Mercier, Pekka Linko and Judson Harper 
AACC  1989   more details

Field Hydrogeology- A Guide for Site Investigations and Report Preparation
John E Moore 
CRC Press  2   more details

Food Emulsions: Principles, Practices, and Techniques, Second Edition
David Julian McClements  Edited by David Julian McClements 
CRC Press  2004   more details

Food Process Design
Zacharias B. Maroulis and George D. Saravacos 
Marcel Dekker  2003   more details

Food Trends and the Changing Consumer
Ben Senauer, Elaine Asp and Jean Kinsey 
AACC  1991   more details

Food preservation techniques
Edited by P Zeuthen and L Bogh-Sorensen 
Woodhead  October 2003   more details

Forest Ecosystems - Analysis at Multiple Scales (third edition)
Edited by Richard H Waring and Steven W Running 
Academic Press  July 2007   more details

Forest Landscape Ecology - Transferring Knowledge to Practice
Edited by Ajith H Perera, Lisa J Buse and Thomas R Crow 
Springer  February 2007   more details

Forest Restoration in Landscapes - beyond planting trees
Edited by Mansourian, Stephanie; Vallauri, Daniel; Dudley, Nigel 
Springer  2005   more details

Functional-Structural Plant Modelling in Crop Production
Edited by Vos, J.; Marcelis, L.F.M.; Visser, P.H.B.d.; Struik, P.C.; Evers, J.B. 
Springer  2007   more details

Fundamentals in Air Pollution - From Processes to Modelling
Springer  2010   more details

Fundamentals of Air Pollution (4th Edition)
Daniel Vallero 
Academic Press  2008   more details

Geometric Morphometrics for Biologists
Miriam Zelditch, Donald Swiderski, David Sheets, William Fink 
Academic Press  July 2004   more details

Global Environmental Change - Modeling and Monitoring
Edited by KY Kondratyev, VF Krapivin and GW Phillips 
Springer  2002   more details

Global Forest Products Model
Edited by Dr. Joseph Buongiorno, Dr. Shushuai Zhu Ph.D., Dr. Dali Zhang, Dr. James Turner, Dr. David Tomberlin 
Academic Press  2003   more details

Global Warming -The Complete Briefing (4th ed)
John T. Houghton 
Cambridge University Press  April 2009   more details

Global Warming The Research Challenges
Edited by Atsunobu Ichikawa 
Springer  2004   more details

Groundwater Science
Edited by Charles R. Fitts 
Academic Press  June 2002   more details

Harmful Cyanobacteria
Edited by Jef Huisman, Hans C.P Matthijs and Petra M Visser 
Springer  2005   more details

Hydrological Drought - Processes and Estimation Methods for Streamflow and Groundwater
Edited by Lena M. Tallaksen and Henny A.J. van Lanen 
Elsevier Science  December 2004   more details

Hydrological Modelling and the Water Cycle
Edited by Sorooshian, S.; Hsu, K.-l.; Coppola, E.; Tomassetti, B.; Verdecchia, M.; Visconti, G. 
Springer  2008 reprinted 2009   more details

ICES Zooplankton Manual
Edited by R Harris, P H Wiebe, J Lenz, H-R Skjoldal and M Huntley 
Academic Press  2000   more details

Image Analysis of Food Microstructure
John C Russ 
CRC press  2004   more details

Improving the thermal processing of foods
Edited by P Richardson 
Woodhead Publishing  2004   more details

Industrial Proteomics: Applications for Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals
Edited by Daniel Figeys 
Wiley  March 2005   more details

Informatics in Control Automation and Robotics
Edited by Andrade Cetto, J.; Ferrier, J.-L.; Pereira, J.M.C.D.; Filipe, J. 
Springer  June 2008   more details

Instrument Engineers' Handbook, (Volume 3) Third Edition: Process Software and Digital Networks
Edited by Bela G Liptak 
CRC Press  2002   more details

Integrated Land Use and Environmental Models - A Survey of Current Applications and Research
Edited by Guhathakurta, Subhrajit 
Springer  2003   more details

Integration of Fuzzy Logic and Chaos Theory
Edited by Li, Zhong; Halang, Wolfgang A.; Chen, Guanrong 
Springer  2006   more details

Intelligent Bioinformatics: The Application of Artificial Intelligence Techniques to Bioinformatics Problems
Edward Keedwell, Ajit Narayanan 
Wiley  April 2005   more details

Interfacial Electrokinetics and Electrophoresis
Edited by Angel V Delgado 
Marcel Dekker  December 2001   more details

Introduction to Biomedical Engineering - 2nd edition
Edited by John Enderle, Susan Blanchard and Joseph Bronzino 
Academic Press  March 2005   more details

Introduction to Computational Biology - An evolutionary Approach
Edited by Wiehe, Thomas, Haubold, Bernhard 
Springer Verlag  2006   more details

Ion Exchange and Solvent Extraction (Advances Series Vol 15)
Edited by Yizhak Marcus and Arup K Sengupta 
Marcel Dekker  October 2001   more details

Land-Use and Land-Cover Change - Local Processes and Global Impacts
Edited by Lambin, Eric F.; Geist, Helmut J. 
Springer  2006   more details

Large scale genome sequence processing
Masahiro Kasahara & Shinichi Morishita 
Imperial College Press  July 2006   more details

Mathematical Modelling for Sustainable Development
Edited by Marion Hersch 
Springer  November 2005   more details

Mathematical Models in Agriculture: Quantitative Methods for the Plant, Animal and Ecological Sciences. (2nd Edition)
J Thornley and J France 
CABI  December 2006   more details

Mathematical Models in Biology - An Introduction
Elizabeth S. Allman, John A. Rhodes 
Cambridge University Press  December 2003   more details

Mathematical Models of Crop Growth and Yield
Allen R Overman and Richard Scholtz III 
Marcel Decker  2002   more details

Maths from Scratch for Biologists
Alan J Cann 
Wiley  2002   more details

Microporous Media: Synthesis: Properties, and Modeling
Edited by Freddy Romm 
CRC Press  2004   more details

Modeling Carbon and Nitrogen Dynamics for Soil Management
Edited by M.J. Shaffer, Liwang Ma and Soren Hansen 
CRC press  2001   more details

Modeling Chemical Systems using Cellular Automata
Edited by Lemont B. Kier, Paul G Seybold, Chao-Kun Cheng 
Springer  November 2005   more details

Modeling Tools for Environmental Engineers and Scientists
N. Nirmalakhandan 
CRC Press  2001   more details

Modelling Community Structure in Freshwater Ecosystems
Edited by S Lek, M Scardi, P F M Verdonschot, J P Descy and Y S Park 
Springer  2005   more details

Modelling Differential Equations in Biology
Cambridge University Press  January 2008   more details

Modelling Radiocesium in Lakes and Coastal Areas-New Approaches for Ecosystem Modellers
Edited by Lars Håkanson 
Kluwer Academic Publishers  2000   more details

Modelling and predicting textile behaviour
Edited by X Chen 
Woodhead  2009   more details

Modelling in Molecular Biology
Springer  2004   more details

Modelling in Natural Sciences - Design, Validation and Case Studies
Edited by Müller, T., Müller, H. 
Springer Verlag  2003   more details

Modelling microorganisms in food
Edited by S Brul, S Van Gerwen and M Zwietering 
Woodhead  March 2007   more details

Molecular Modeling of Proteins
Edited by A Kukol 
Humana Press  May 2008   more details

Monitoring Vertebrate Populations
William L. Thompson, Gary C. White and Charles Gowan 
Academic Press  August 1998   more details

Multifunctional Land Use - Meeting Future Demands for Landscape Goods and Services
Edited by Mander, Ülo; Wiggering, Hubert; Helming, Katharina 
Springer  2007   more details

Multivariate Analysis of Ecological Data using CANOCO
Jan Leps, Petr Smilauer 
Cambridge University Press  May 2003   more details

Multivariate Statistics for Wildlife and Ecology Research
McGarigal, K., Cushman, S. and Stafford, S. 
Springer Verlag  1st ed. 2000. Corr.   more details

Non-destructive Food Evaluation, Techniques to Analyze Properties and Quality
Edited by Sundaram Gunasekaran 
CRC Press  2000   more details

Nutrient Acquisition by Plants - An Ecological Perspective
Edited by Hormoz BassiriRad 
Springer  2005   more details

Nutrient Digestion and Utilization in Farm Animals: Modelling Approaches
Edited by E Kebreab, J Dijkstra, A Bannink, W J J Gerrits and J France 
CABI  April 2006   more details

Optimization Concepts and Applications in Engineering (2nd edition)
Ashok D. Belegundu, Tirupathi R. Chandrupatla 
Cambridge University Press  June 2011   more details

Optimization of Solid-Phase Combinatorial Synthesis
Edited by Bing Yan and Anthony W Czarnik 
Marcel Dekker  December 2001   more details

Parallel Robots - 2nd edition
J P Merlet 
Springer  2006   more details

Pathways to a hydrogen future
Thomas Drennen and Jennifer Rosthal 
Elsevier  August 2007   more details

Pattern Formation - An Introduction to Methods
Rebecca Hoyle 
CUP  March 2006   more details

Pharmaceuticals in the Environment - Sources, Fate, Effects and Risks - 3rd Edition
Edited by K Kummerer 
Springer  2008   more details

Phylogenetic supertrees - Combining information to reveal the Tree of Life
Edited by Bininda Emonds, Olaf R.P. 
Springer  2004   more details

Physical Methods in Agriculture: Approach to Precision and Quality
Edited by Jirí Blahovec and Miroslav Kutílek 
Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers  2003   more details

Plant Bioinformatics - Methods and Protocols
Edited by D Edwards 
Springer  2007   more details

Plant Genomics and Proteomics
Cullis, Christopher A. 
Wiley  January 2004   more details

Population Ecology - An Introduction to Computer Simulations
Bernstein, Ruth 
John Wiley & Sons  March 2003   more details

Population Systems - A General Introduction (2nd edition)
Berryman, Alan A., Kindlmann, Pavel 
Springer  2008   more details

Population Viability in Plants - Conservation, Management, and Modelling of Rare Plants
Edited by Brigham, Christy A.; Schwartz, Mark W. 
Springer  2003   more details

Principles of Environmental Sciences
Edited by Boersema, Jan J.; Reijnders, Lucas 
Springer  2010   more details

Protein Interaction Networks - Computational Analysis
Edited by Aidong Zhang 
Cambridge University Press  June 2009   more details

Proximal Soil Sensing
Edited by Viscarra Rossel, Raphael A.; McBratney, Alex B.; Minasny, Budiman 
Springer  July 2010   more details

Quantitative Ecology - Measurement, Models and Scaling (2nd edition)
David C. Schneider 
Academic Press  July 2009   more details

Recombination and Meiosis - Models, Means, and Evolution
Edited by Richard Egel and Dirk-Henner Lankenau 
Springer  August 2008   more details

Resource Management Information Systems: Remote Sensing, GIS and Modelling, Second Edition
Keith R. McCloy 
CRC Press  December 2005   more details

Scaling Biodiversity
Edited by David Storch, Pablo Marquet and James Brown 
Cambridge University Press  July 2007   more details

Scientific Methods in Mobile Robotics - Quantitative Analysis of Agent Behaviour
Ulrich Nehmzow 
Springer  November 2005   more details

Scientific Uncertainty and Its Implications for Environmental Problem Solving
John Lemons 
Blackwell Publishing  1996   more details

Simulating Combustion - Simulation of combustion and pollutant formation for engine-development
Merker, G.P., Schwarz, C., Stiesch, G., Otto, F. 
Springer  2006   more details

Simulating Human Origins and Evolution
K. P. Wessen 
CUP  Hardback   more details

Simulation Methods for Polymers
Doros N Theodorou and Michael Kotelyanskii 
CRC Press  2004   more details

Soil Erosion and Sediment Redistribution in River Catchments: Measurement, Modelling and Management
Edited by P N Owens and A J Collins 
CABI  July 2006   more details

Solid Fuels Combustion and Gasification - 2nd edition
Lynn Faulkner, Marcio L. de Souza-Santos 
CRC Press  March 2010   more details

Spatial Ecological-Economic Analysis for Wetland Management - Modelling and Scenario Evaluation of Land-Use
Jeroen C. J. M. van den Bergh, Aat Barendregt, Alison J. Gilbert 
Cambridge University Press  June 2004   more details

Spatial Modeling in Natural Sciences and Engineering - Software Development and Implementation
Friedrich, Jürgen 
Springer  2004   more details

Spatial Pattern Analysis in Plant Ecology
Mark R. T. Dale 
Cambridge University Press  1999   more details

Sustainable Forest Management - Growth Models for Europe
Edited by Hubert Hasenauer 
Springer  November 2005   more details

Sustainable Forestry - From Monitoring and Modelling to Knowledge Management and Policy Science
Edited by K Reynolds, M Shannon, M Kohl, D Ray and K Rennolls 
CABI  February 2007   more details

Sustainable Management of Natural Resources - Mathematical Models and Methods
Michel De Lara, Luc Doyen  Edited by Springer 
Springer  June 2008   more details

Synthetic Musk Fragrances in the Environment
Edited by Rimkus, Gerhard G. 
Springer  2004   more details

Systems Biology - Properties of Reconstructed Networks
Bernhard O. Palsson 
CUP  April 2006   more details

Systems Biology: A Textbook
Edda Klipp, Wolfram Liebermeister, Christoph Wierling, Axel Kowald, Hans Lehrach, Ralf Herwig 
Wiley  June 2009   more details

The Algorithmic Beauty of Sea Shells, 4th ed - with CD-ROM
Springer  June 2009   more details

The Handbook of Plant Functional Genomics: Concepts and Protocols
Edited by Guenter Kahl and Khalid Meksem 
Wiley-Blackwell  June 2008   more details

The Image Processing Handbook, 6th Edition
John C Russ 
CRC Press  April 2011   more details

The New Avenues in Bioinformatics
Edited by Joseph Seckbach and Eitan Rubin 
Springer  2004   more details

The Phylogenetic Handbook - A Practical Approach to DNA and Protein Phylogeny (2nd ed)
Edited by Marco Salemi and Anne-Mieke Vandamme 
CUP  March 2009   more details

Theory and Mathematical Methods in Bioinformatics
Edited by Shiyi Shen and Jack A Tuszynski 
Springer  February 2008   more details

Thermal Analysis of Polymeric Materials
Bernhard Wunderlich 
Springer  2005   more details

Towards a Thermodynamic Theory for Ecological Systems
Edited by Sven Jorgensen, Yuri Svirezhev 
Pergamon  July 2004   more details

Transport Processes in Nature - Propagation of Ecological Influences Through Environmental Space (with CD-ROM)
William A. Reiners, Kenneth L. Driese 
Cambridge University Press  2004   more details

Transport Properties of Foods
George D Saravacos and Zacharias B Maroulis 
Marcel Dekker  June 2001   more details

Tree and Forest Measurement - 2nd edition
Edited by West, P. W. 
Springer  May 2009   more details

Unsaturated-zone Modeling - Progress, Challenges and Applications
Edited by R A Feddes, G H de Rooij, J C van Dam 
Springer  2004   more details

Visualization of Digital Terrain and Landscape Data - A Manual
Mach, Rüdiger, Petschek, Peter 
Springer  2007   more details

Water Quality Hazards and Dispersion of Pollutants
Edited by Wlodzimierz Czernuszenko and Pawel Rowinski 
Springer  2005   more details

Water Resources Quality - Preserving the Quality of our Water Resources
Edited by H Rubin, P Nachtnebel, J Fuerst and U Shamir 
Springer  2002   more details

Wind-Waves in Oceans - Dynamics and Numerical Simulations
Edited by I Lavrenov 
Springer  2003   more details

World Energy Resources
CE Brown 
Springer  2002   more details

geoENV III - Geostatistics for Environmental Applications
Edited by Pascal Monestiez , Denis Allard and Roland Froidevaux 
Kluwer Academic Publishers  August 2001   more details

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