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Agricultural Biotechnology - Challenges and Prospects
Edited by Mahesh K. Bhalgat, William P. Ridley, and Allan S. Felsot 
OUP  2004   more details

An Introduction to Ecological Genomics
Nico M van Straalen and Dick Roelofs 
OUP  March 2006   more details

Lignocellulose Biodegradation
Edited by Badal C. Saha and Kyoshi Hayashi 
ACS/OUP  2004   more details

Oxford Dictionary of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (2nd edition)
Edited by Richard Cammack, Teresa Attwood, Howard Parish, Anthony Smith, Frank Vella and John Stirling 
OUP  June 2006   more details

Patents for Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology - Fundamentals of Global Law, Practice and Strategy (4th edition)
Philip Grubb 
OUP  2004   more details

Phage Display - A Practical Approach
Edited by Tim Clackson and Henry B. Lowman 
OUP  February 2004   more details

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