A Systematic Catalogue of the Cerococcidae, Halimococcidae, Kermesidae, Micrococcidae, Ortheziidae, Phenacoleachiidae, Phoenicococcidae, and Strictococcidae
MILLER Douglass R. - GIMPEL Maren E. - RUNG Alessandra 
Lavoisier  2005   more details

A Systematic Catalogue of the Scale Insect Family Margarodidae (Hemiptera: Coccoidea) of the World
Levoisier  2005   more details

Armillaria Root Rot: Biology and Control of Honey Fungus
Edited by Roland T Fox 
Lavoisier  March 2000   more details

Biology of Leaf Beetles
Edited by Pierre Jolivet and Krishna K Verma 
Lavoisier  2002   more details

Biopesticides of Plant Origin
Edited by Catherine Regnault-Roger, Bernard JR Philogčne and Charles Vincent 
Lavoisier  2005   more details

Cheesemaking : from science to quality assurance (2° ed)
Edited by Andre Eck and Jean-Claude Gillis 
Lavoisier  1999   more details

Chromosome Botany
Arcana Sharma and Sumitra Sen 
Lavoisier  2002   more details

Insects and forests - the role and diversity of insects in the forest environment
Roger Dajoz, translated by G-M de Rougemont 
Lavoisier  2000   more details

Introduction to Plant Tissue Culture - Second Edition
Edited by M K Razdan 
Lavoisier  June 2003   more details

Pharmacognosy - phytochemistry of medicinal plants (2nd Edition)
Jean Bruneton 
Lavoisier  1999   more details

The Agroecology of Carabid Beetles
Edited by John M Holland 
Lavoisier  2002   more details

The World Wheat Book - a history of wheat breeding - vol 2
Alain Bonjean, William Angus, Maarten van Ginkel 
Lavoisier  September 2011   more details

Water Treatment Handbook - 7th Edition
Edited by Degremont 
Lavoisier  May 2007   more details

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