Advances in CO2 Capture and Storage Technology - Results (2004 - 2009)
Edited by Lars Ingolf Eide 
CPL Press  October 2009   more details

Communication in Plants - Neuronal Aspects of Plant Life
Edited by Frantisek Baluska, Stefano Mancuso and Dieter Volkmann 
Springer  2006   more details

Ethics for Life Scientists
Edited by Korthals, Michiel; Bogers, Robert J. 
Springer  2004   more details

Genetics and the Logic of Evolution
Kenneth M. Weiss, Anne V. Buchanan 
Wiley  February 2004   more details

Whole Grains and Health
Edited by Len Marquart, David R. Jacobs, Jr., Graeme H. McIntosh, Kaisa Poutanen , Marla Reicks 
Wiley-Blackwell  January 2007   more details

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