Environmental Toxicology

David A. Wright, Pamela Welbourn 
Cambridge University Press  March 2002  

Paperback  656 pp, 147diags, 64 tabs, 74 exercises  ISBN 9780521588607      £55.00
Environmental Toxicology is a comprehensive introductory textbook dealing with most aspects of the subject, from the molecular to the ecosystem level. Early chapters deal with basic and advanced concepts, methods and approaches. The next tier discusses the environmental toxicology of individual or groups of substances. The third part addresses complex issues, in which many of the concepts, approaches and substances covered in earlier tiers are incorporated. The fourth part includes chapters on risk assessment, rehabilitation and regulatory toxicology. The book concludes with a summary of present and future areas of emphasis. Each chapter contains a comprehensive list of references and further reading, case studies from different jurisdictions, and student exercises. Environmental Toxicology is primarily a textbook for undergraduate and graduate students in environmental toxicology, environmental chemistry, ecotoxicology, applied ecology, environmental management, and risk assessment. It will also be valuable for specialists in ecology, environmental science, and chemistry.


Preface; 1. The emergence of environmental toxicology as science; 2. The science of environmental toxicology: concepts and definitions; 3. Kinetics of toxicant uptake; 4. Methodological approaches; 5. Factors affecting toxicity; 6. Metals and other inorganic contaminants; 7. Organic contaminants; 8. Radiation; 9. Complex issues; 10. Risk assessment; 11. Rehabilitation; 12. Regulatory toxicology; 13. An overall perspective, or where to from here?; Glossary.

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