An Introduction to Arthropod Pest Control

J. R. M. Thacker 
Cambridge University Press  October 2002  

Hardback  360 pp, 83 diags, 20 color plates, 76 tabs  ISBN 9780521561068      £80.00

Paperback  360 pp, 83 diags,  ISBN 9780521567879      £35.00
Arthropod pests are responsible for huge annual losses in global crop production and for transmitting a number of infectious diseases. The control of such pests is therefore of the utmost importance. An Introduction to Arthropod Pest Control provides an up-to-date, detailed overview of current approaches to pest control including chemical pest control, the use of biological and biorational control agents, as well as the latest developments in biotechnology. The book specifically emphasises the techniques available for controlling pests using examples of crop pests, animal pests, and pests that transmit disease, from a wide range of countries. The book is intended as a standard introductory text for undergraduate and postgraduate students in the fields of pest control, entomology, crop protection, and agricultural and environmental sciences. It is also aimed at professional pest control practitioners and government employees working in extension services.


Preface; Acknowledgements; 1. A brief history of arthropod pest control; 2. Botanical insecticides; 3. Modern synthetic insecticides; 4. Formulation, application and the direct and indirect side-effects of insecticides; 5. Biological control agents; 6. Microbial pest control; 7. Pheromones and pest control; 8. Insect growth regulators; 9. Genetic manipulation of pest species; 10. Host-plant resistance; 11. Cultural techniques and organic farming; 12. Integrated pest management (IPM); 13. Biotechnology and pest control; Glossary; Index.

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