The State of the Nation's Ecosystems - Measuring the Lands, Waters, and Living Resources of the United States

Edited by H. John Heinz III Center for Science, Economics and the Environment 
Cambridge University Press  2003  

Paperback  288 pp, 200diags, 15 illus, 50 tabs  ISBN 9780521525725      £30.00


Foreword; List of participants; Acknowledgments; Part I. The State of the Nation's Ecosystems: Philosophy, Framework, and Findings: 1. Reporting on the state of the nation's ecosystems; 2. The reporting framework; 3. The state of the nation's ecosystems: what we know and what we don't know; Part II. The Indicators: 4. Core national indicators; 5. Coasts and oceans; 6. Farmlands; 7. Forests; 8. Fresh waters; 9. Grasslands and shrublands; 10. Urban and suburban lands; Part III. Appendix and Technical Notes: Data Availability and Gaps; Technical notes

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