Biodiversity in Agroecosystems

Edited by Wanda Williams Collins and Calvin O Qualset 
CRC Press  August 1998  

Hardcover  352  ISBN 9781566702904      £70.00
This book shows how biodiversity can be thought of not only as the rich make-up of a great number of related and competing species within an ecologically defined community, but also as the robust behaviour and resilience of those species over time and as the endurance of their eco-community. This book brings to the fore new research on biodiversity in agricultural ecosystems at both micro and macro levels, previously available only in journals and proceedings papers.


Microbial Diversity in Agroecosystem Quality.
Soil Microfauna: Diversity and Applications of Protozoans in Soil.
Diversity and Function of Soil Mesofauna.
Uses of Beneficial Insect Diversity in Agroecosystems.
Biodiversity, Ecosystem Function, and Insect Pest Management in Agricultural Systems.
Livestock in Integrated Farming Systems.
Managing for Biodiversity of Rangelands.
Agroforestry for Biodiversity in Farming Systems.
The Role of Agroecosystems in Wildlife Biodiversity.
Natural Systems Agriculture.
Managing Agroecosystems as Agrolandscapes: Reconnecting Agricultural and Urban Landscapes.
Local Management of Biodiversity in Traditional Agroecosystems.
Valuing Genetic Diversity:
Crop Plants and Agroecosystems.
Conserving and Utilizing Plant Genetic Resource Diversity in Agroecosystems.
Implementing the Global Strategy for the Management of Farm Animal Genetic Resources.
Agroecosystem Quality: Policy and Management Challenges for New Technologies and Diversity.
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