Repairing Damaged Wildlands

Cambridge University Press  S. Whisenant  

Hardback  324 pp 11 line diags 33 half-tones 21 tabs 44 figs  ISBN 9780521470018      £88.00

Paperback  324 pp 11 line diags 33 half-tones 21 tabs 44 figs  ISBN 9780521665407      £37.00

A Process-Orientated, Landscape-Scale Approach

The unique approach to ecological restoration described in this book will appeal to anyone interested in improving the ecological conditions, biological diversity, or productivity of damaged wildlands. Using sound ecological principles, the author describes how these ecosystems are stabilised and directed toward realistic management objectives using natural recovery processes rather than expensive subsidies. An initial emphasis on repairing water and nutrient cycles, and increasing energy capture, will initiate and direct positive feedback repair systems that drive continuing autogenic recovery. This strategy is most appropriate where landuse goals call for low-input, sustainable vegetation managed for biological diversity, livestock production, timber production, wildlife habitat, watershed management, or ecosystem services. No other book provides such a comprehensive strategy for the ecological restoration of any wildland ecosystem, making this an invaluable resource for professionals working in the fields of ecological restoration, conservation biology and rangeland management.


Preface; 1. Wildland degradation and repair; 2. Assessing damage to primary processes; 3. Repairing damaged primary processes; 4. Directing vegetation change; 5. Selecting plant materials; 6. Site preparation and seedbed management; 7. Planting; 8. Planning repair programs for wildland landscapes.

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