Trees - Their Natural History

P. A. Thomas 
Cambridge University Press  2000  

Hardback  296 pages 83 line diagrams 19 half-tones  ISBN 9780521453516      £72.00

Paperback  296 pages 83 line diagrams 19 half-tones  ISBN 9780521459631      £27.00
Trees are familiar components of many landscapes, vital to the healthy functioning of the global ecosystem and unparalled in the range of materials which they provide for human use. Yet how much do we really understand about how they work? This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the natural history of trees, presenting information on all aspects of tree biology and ecology in an easy to read and concise text. Fascinating insights into the workings of these everyday plants are uncovered throughout the book, with questions such as how are trees designed, how do they grow and reproduce, and why do they eventually die tackled in an illuminating way. Written for a non-technical audience, the book is nonetheless rigorous in its treatment and will therefore provide a valuable source of reference for beginning students as well as those with a less formal interest in this fascinating group of plants.

'Never less than interesting, it is written in non-technical language that is consistently illuminating' New Scientist

'...an excellent book ' The author has used an easy-to-read style with occasional quirky asides to keep the readers' attention. The text is well-supported by line drawings, boxes and some black-and-white photographs. References are used only sparingly, but there is a good further reading list at the end of the chapter.

'This is just the book I've been waiting for! Peter Thomas has written a readable, interesting, but essentially factual book. This is all proper scientific material, documents with references and further reading, but the style is highly readable.' International Tree Foundation


1. An overview; 2. Leaves - the food producers; 3. The trunk and branches - more than a connecting drainpipe; 4. Roots - the hidden tree; 5. Towards the next generation - flowers, fruits and seeds; 6. The growing tree; 7. The shape of trees; 8. The next generation - new trees from old; 9. Health, damage and death - living in a hostile world; Index.

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