An Introduction to Applied Biogeography

Ian F. Spellerberg, John W. D. Sawyer, Foreword by Tony Whitten 
Cambridge University Press  1999  

Hardback  257 pages 53 line diagrams 38 tables  ISBN 9780521451024      £77.00

Paperback  257 pages 53 line diagrams 38 tables  ISBN 9780521457125      £32.00
Biogeography is about the geographical distribution, both past and present, of plants, animals and other organisms. In this undergraduate textbook Spellerberg and Sawyer bring a modern and new approach to a developing subject, writing in a lively and sometimes provocative manner. Throughout the text the applications of biogeography in conservation management, economic production, environmental assessment, sustainable use of resources, landscape planning and public health are emphasised. Applications of island biogeography in conservation, the concept of wildlife corridors and the analysis of biogeographical data are all discussed and the role of humans and their cultures in biogeography is explored. The applied approach of this textbook, along with its numerous illustrative examples and figures, make it a unique introduction to the field for all geography, biology and environmental science students.


Foreword; Preface; 1. Biogeography; 2. Patterns of distribution and biogeographical classifications; 3. Islands; 4. Geological and human impacts on biogeography; 5. Patterns and types of species distributions; 6. Biogeographical information: collection, retrieval and application; 7. Habitat fragmentation; 8. Biogeography of linear landscape features; 9. Future developments; Appendices (i) Glossary; (ii) General reading; (iii) Internet addresses; Index.

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