The Ecology of Insect Overwintering

Simon R. Leather, Keith F. A. Walters, Jeffrey S. Bale 
Cambridge University Press  1993  

Hardback  265 pages 40 line diagrams 30 tables  ISBN 9780521417587      £72.00

Paperback  265pp  ISBN 9780521556705      £28.00
Insect overwintering is a fascinating process involving many physiological, epidemiological, biochemical and behavioural changes. The study of the overwintering process can offer an insight into the development of insects, as well as help us to predict the patterns of crop damage and insect-borne disease caused by some insect species. This book provides a comprehensive account of the various forms of insect overwintering and highlights important areas of economic interest. It will be essential reading for advanced students and researchers in the fields of zoology, agriculture, forestry and ecology.


1. Introduction; 2. The overwintering locale-suitability and selection; 3. The stimuli controlling diapause and overwintering; 4. Insect cold-hardiness; 5. Costs and benefits of overwintering; 6. Prediction and control; Bibliography; Index.

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