Natural Woodland

Edited by George Peterken 
Cambridge University Press  1996  

Paperback  536pp  ISBN 9780521367929      £53.00
Natural Woodland describes how woodlands grow, die and regenerate in the absence of human influence, and the structures and range of habitats found in natural woods. The underlying theme is that natural woodlands should form a basis for forest management, policies and practices. George Peterken compares the ecology of both North American and European forests, to produce a fascinating account of woodland natural history for all those concerned with woodland management and ecology.


Part I. Definitions, Significance and Survival: 1. Woodlands, nature and history: a personal introduction; 2. Definitions, values and philosophies; 3. Natural woodland in Europe and North America; Part II. Temperate and Boreal Natural Forests: 4. Selected virgin forests; 5. Disturbance in natural woodland; 6. Succession after catastrophic disturbances; 7. Structures and dynamics of old-growth forests; 8. Components of the forest; 9. Wildlife of natural woodlands; Part III. Virgin Forest Remnants: 10. Human impacts on natural forests in North America; 11. Wildlife responses to the modification of natural forests; 12. Protecting virgin forest remnants; Part IV. Natural Features in the Conservation of British Woodlands: 13. Woodland nature conservation: development, rationale and practice; 14. British natural woodlands; 15. Reconstructing British natural woodlands; 16. Management of broadleaved woodland; 17. Design and management of upland conifer plantations; 18. The future of woodland conservation; Appendix: scientific names of European and North American trees and shrubs; References; Index.

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