Applied Ecology and Natural Resource Management

Edited by Guy R. McPherson, Stephen DeStefano 
Cambridge University Press  December 2002  

Paperback  180 pages 13 line diagrams 32 half-tones 4 tables  ISBN 9780521009751      £32.00

Hardback  180 pages 13 line diagrams 32 half-tones 4 tables  ISBN 9780521811279      £74.00
The science of ecology and the practice of resource management are critical to our understanding of the Earth's ecosystems and our efforts to conserve them. This book attempts to bridge the gap between ecology and natural resource management and in particular, focuses on the discipline of plant ecology as a foundation for vegetation and wildlife management. It describes how concepts and approaches used by ecologists to study communities and ecosystems can be applied to their management. Guy R. McPherson and Stephen DeStefano emphasise the importance of thoughtfully designed and carefully conducted scientific studies to both the advancement of ecological knowledge and the application of techniques for the management of plant and animal populations. The book is aimed at natural resource managers, as well as graduate and advanced undergraduate students, who are familiar with fundamental ecological principles and who want to use ecological knowledge as a basis for the management of ecosystems.

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