Handbook of North European Garden Plants

Edited by James Cullen 
Cambridge University Press  July 2001  

Hardback  648 pages, 100 line diagrams  ISBN 9780521651837      £132.00

Paperback  648 pages, 100 line diagrams  ISBN 9780521004114      £50.00
This book provides a means for the accurate identification of over 190 families and 2220 genera of flowering plants cultivated out-of-doors in gardens in north-west Europe and in other geographical regions with a similar climate, including parts of North America. The text is an abridged version of The European Garden Flora, published in six volumes, and constitutes a handy single volume digest that considers familes and genera, but not species. A key to all the families is provided and, for each of the families, a key to the genera within it. Scientifically rigorous descriptions of families and genera follow, including information on the number of constituent genera or species, and details of geographical distribution. Illustrations of genera from most of the major families are included to aid accurate identification.

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