Groundwater Science

Edited by Charles R. Fitts 
Academic Press  June 2002  

Hardcover  375 Pages  ISBN 9780122578557      £64.00

Groundwater Science is a timely, current and comprehensive presentation of groundwater hydrology that integrates chemistry, physics, geology and calculus. With the input of students and other hydrology instructors, the author has developed a text reference that will be appreciated by students and professors alike.

  • Clear and concise explanation of concepts and quantitative analyses, accompanied by worked examples throughout the text
  • Case studies highlight important events and illustrate real-world applications of theory
  • Three pages of problems are included at the end of each chapter


Groundwater: The Big Picture.
Physical Properties.
Principles of Flow.
Geology and Groundwater Flow.
Deformation, Storage, and General Flow Equations.
Modeling Steady Flow with Basic Methods.
Modeling Transient Flow with Basic Methods.
Computer-Assisted Flow Modeling.
Groundwater Chemistry.
Groundwater Contamination.
A: Units and Conversions.
B: Mathematics Primer.
C: Book Internet Site.
Answers to Selected Problems.
Periodic Table of the Elements

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