Paper and Composites from Agro-Based Resources

Roger M Rowell, Raymond A Young and Judith Rowell 
CRC Press  1996  

Hardback  464 pages  ISBN 9781566702355      £133.00
Sustainable development is an important concept underlying many of today's renewable resource policies. Agro-based resources, such as wood and fibre, make up a significant portion of modern renewable resources providing a wide range of options for producing paper and composites. This book discusses strategies for obtaining fibre, using sound ecosystem management principles, from plants including agricultural crops and residues, grasses and recycled biomaterials, in addition to wood.


Growth and Inventory

  • Introduction - Sustainable Fiber Supply, F. Werber and T. Hamilton
  • Inventory of Agro-Mass, G. White and C. Cook
  • Changes in Fiber Properties During the Growing Season, R. Rowell, J. Han, and S. Bisen
  • Improvement of Fiber Crops Using Genetics and Biotechnology, T. La Farge, S. Friedman, and C. Cook
Fiber Properties
  • Physical and Mechanical Properties of Agro-Based Fibers, T. Rials and M. Wolcott
  • Chemical Composition of Agro-Based Fibers, J. Han and J. Rowell
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Processing of Agro-Based Resources into Pulp and Paper, R. Young
  • Opportunities for Composites from Agro-Based Resources, R. Rowell
  • Processing into Composites, B. English, P. Chow, and D.S. Bajwa
  • Properties of Composite Panels, J. Youngquist, A. Krzysik, P. Chow, and R. Meimban
  • Packaging and Lightweight Structural Composites, T. Laufenberg
  • Chemical Modification of Agro-Resources for Property Enhancement, R. Rowell
  • Agro-Fiber/Thermoplastic Composites, A. Sanadi, D. Caulfield, and R. Jacobson
  • Filters, Sorbents, and Geotextiles, B. English
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