Analysis and Management of Animal Populations

Edited by Byron K. Williams, James D. Nichols, Michael J. Conroy 
Academic Press  May 2002  

Hardback  817 Pages  ISBN 9780127544069      £105.00

"...the book ecologists have long sought to help them find their way around in the huge and rather technical literature on population ecology. Students will find it a gold mine. ... Professional ecologists will find a solid reference book within which to look up things. And managers and conservation biologists will find a book in which they can learn what the theoretical platform for management of wildlife populations ought to be." Nils Chr. Stenseth for SCIENCE (October 11, 2002)

  • Integrates population modeling, parameter estimation and decision-theoretic approaches to management in a single, cohesive framework
  • Provides authoritative, state-of-the-art descriptions of quantitative approaches to modeling, estimation and decision-making
  • Emphasizes the role of mathematical modeling in the conduct of science and management
  • Utilizes a unifying biological context, consistent mathematical notation, and numerous biological examples



    Part I: Framework for Modeling, Estimation, and Management of Animal Populations
    Introduction to Population Ecology.
    Scientific Process in Animal Ecology.
    Models and the Investigation of Populations.
    Estimation and Hypothesis Testing in Animal Ecology.
    Survey Sampling and the Estimation of Population Parameters.
    Design of Experiments in Animal Ecology.

    Part II: Dynamic Modeling of Animal Populations
    Principles of Model Development and Assessment.
    Traditional Models of Population Dynamics.
    Model Identification with Time Series Data.
    Stochastic Processes in Population Models.
    The Use of Models in Conservation and Management.

    Part III: Estimation Methods for Animal Populations
    Estimating Abundance Based on Counts.
    Estimating Abundance with Distance-Based Methods.
    Estimating Abundance for Closed Populations with Capture-Recapture Methods.
    Estimation of Demographic Parameters.
    Estimation of Survival Rates with Band Recoveries.
    Estimating Survival, Movement, and Other State Transitions with Mark-Recapture Methods.
    Estimating Abundance and Recruitment for Open Populations with Mark-Recapture Methods.
    Combining Closed and Open Mark-Recapture Models: The Robust Design.
    Estimation of Community Parameters.

    Part IV: Decision Analysis for Animal Populations
    Optimal Decision Making in Population Biology.
    Traditional Approaches to Optimal Decision Analysis.
    Modern Approaches to Optimal Decision Analysis.
    Uncertainty, Learning, and Decision Analysis.
    Case Study: Management of the Sport Harvest of North American Waterfowl.

    Appendix A: Conditional Probability and Bayes' Theorem.
    Appendix B: Matrix Algebra.
    Appendix C: Differential Equations.
    Appendix D: Difference Equations.
    Appendix E: Some Probability Distributions and Their Properties.
    Appendix F: Methods for Estimating Statistical Variation.
    Appendix G: Computer Software for Population and Community Estimation.
    Appendix H: The Mathematics of Optimization
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