Pictorial Atlas of Soil and Seed Fungi: Morphologies of Cultured Fungi and Key to Species - 3rd edition

Tsuneo Watanabe, Tsukuba City, Japan 
CRC Press  2010  

Hardback  504 pages  ISBN 9781439804193      £99.00
Third Edition describes and illustrates more than 515 fungal species, including:

  • 49 oomycetous species belonging to seven genera
  • 42 zygomycetous species belonging to 12 genera
  • 52 ascomycetous species belonging to 28 genera
  • 42 basidiomycetous species belonging to 27 genera
  • 319 anamorphic (deuteromycetous or mitosporic) species belonging to 145 genera

This book describes all fungi alphabetically under the orders of Oomycota, Zygomycota, Ascomycota, Basidiomycota, and Anamorphic (Deuteromycetous) fungi. For each genus, it includes type species, references, morphology, and materials. Morphologies of cultured fungi are briefly described and illustrated together with the description of the isolation sources and methods.

The book illustrates all fungi alongside morphologies and colonies of their fresh agar cultures or dried specimens, providing ready access to morphologically similar fungi for quick comparison.

Most of the fungi are isolated from soil, plant roots, and seeds, and the rest are from wood-inhabiting fruiting bodies, their spores, or the spore-like structures associated with them. They are mostly collected in Japan, but some are from the Dominican Republic, Paraguay, Switzerland, and Taiwan.


About previous editions

  • Presents 45 new fungal species and more than 150 additional references
  • Includes keys for all fungi to the genus level and includes keys to the species level for the genus with more tha three species
  • Discusses the literature, morphology, and dimensions of each organ
  • Covers isolation methods of fungi from soil, plant roots, and seeds
  • Adopts Latin binomials and consults major synonyms from recent literature
  • Organizes fungi alphabetically in order of Mastigomycotina, Zygomycotina, Ascomycotina, Basidiomycotina, and Deuteromycotina (Mitosporic Fungi)

Fungi have come into demand as sources of biological control agents and of particular physiological active substances. Recent studies indicate that fungi can be the prime cause of sinusitis, asthma, and allergenic troubles. Some fungi can be useful however, and can be used to improve the overall quality of human life. With very few books available on the subject of soil and seed fungi, Tsuneo Watanabe's book remains the only work that details information on techniques for isolating, culturing, and identifying soil and seed fungi.

This new edition of Pictorial Atlas of Soil and Seed Fungi describes more than 350 fungal species, including:

  • 46 Mastigomycetous species -33 Zygomycetous species
  • 36 Ascomycetous species -9 Basidiomycetous species
  • 240 Deuteromycetous species

In this atlas, Watanabe presents the results of his soil-borne plant disease studies including pathological and mycological aspects. The Pictorial Atlas of Soil and Seed Fungi, Second Edition includes 45 new fungal species illustrated in brilliant detail using original photomicrographs and line drawings.


  • Study on Soil and Seed Fungi
  • Fungi in Soil and Fungus Flora
  • Relationships between Soilborne Plant Pathogenic Fungi and
  • Other Soil Microorganisms
  • Research Problems on Soil Fungus Floras
  • Problems on Classification of Root-Inhabiting Fungi
  • Study of Soil Fungi in Relation to Seed Fungi
  • Supplement: Examples of Studies of Fungus Floras
  • Materials and Methodology
  • Collection Sites and Samples
  • Principles of Isolation Method
  • Isolations and Cultures of Soilborne Fungi from Plants
  • Isolation of Fungi from Soil
  • Direct Inoculation Method
  • Dilution (Plate) Method and Isolation Media
  • Trapping (Bait) Method and the Substrates
  • Preservation of Cultures
  • Morphogenesis on Agar Cultures and Their Observations
  • Identification
  • Basal Knowledge for Identification
  • Necessity of Experimentation
  • Selection of Appropriate Binomials
  • Morphologies to be Observed for Identification
  • References for Fungal Taxonomy and Identification
  • Key to Classes of Soil Fungi
  • Key to Mastigomycetes, Kingdom of Chromista
  • Key to Zygomycetes, Kingdom of Fungi
  • Key to Ascomycetes, Kingdom of Fungi
  • Key to Basidiomycetes, Kingdom of Fungi
  • Key to Deuteromycetes (Mitosporic Fungi), Kingdom of Fungi
  • Pycnidium-Forming Fungi
  • Sporodochium-Forming Fungi
  • Synnema-Forming Fungi
  • Aleuriosporae
  • Arthrosporae
  • Blastosporae
  • Phialosporae
  • Porosporae
  • Sympodulosporae
  • Annelosporae and Others
  • Sterile (Nonspore-Forming) Fungi
  • List of Fungus Genera
  • Mastigomycotina
  • Zygomycotina
  • Ascomycotina
  • Basidiomycotina
  • Deuteromycotina (Mitosporic Fungi)
  • Morphology of Soil Fungi
  • Mastigomycotina
  • Zygomycotina
  • Ascomycotina
  • Basidiomycotina
  • Deuteromycotina
  • References
  • Appendix: List of Living Cultures of Soil Fungi Deposited and Publicized
  • Fungus Index
  • Afterword to the Second Edition
  • Afterword
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