Handbook of Dough Fermentations

Edited by Karel Kulp and Klaus Lorenz 
Marcel Dekker  2003  

Hardcover  328pp, illus  ISBN 9780824742645      £145.00
  • Analyzes the application of starters in the production of specific products such as wheat, rye, and multigrain breads; small leavened cereal items; and ethnic foods
  • Discusses differences in the fermentation rate, generation of flavor metabolites, and substrate preference among different strains of yeasts
  • Covers the characteristics of yeast-leavened and lactic acid-fermented bread including internal and external loaf quality parameters, staling rates, microbial storage stability, and flavor
The Handbook of Dough Fermentations describes the preparation of ferments and utilization of starters in the commercial baking and food industries and offers in-depth discussion on the modification of sourdough processes in the production of common bakery products, as well as the microbiological principles, fermentation pathways, product formulations, and technological methodologies relating to these procedures. This unique reference examines statistical market trends for fermented cereal, yeast, and natural and sourdough products. It pinpoints areas of potential for products and foods using fermentation science and analyzes the application of starters in the production of specific products.

Table of Contents

History and Origins of Fermented Foods
Economic Growth and Potential Market of Products and Foods using Fermentations
Yeast Fermentation
Lactic and other Fermentations
Fermentation Processes of Starters
Interaction of Microorganisms in Dough Fermentations
Production of Starters
Bakers Yeasts, Commercial Types
Commercial and Retail Starters in Germany
Commercial Starters in France
Commercial Starters in Spain
Commercial Starters in USA
Application of Starters in Baking and Food Technology
Starters in Wheat Breads and Products
Starters in Rye Breads and Products
Starters in Miscellaneous Grain and Mixed Grain Breads and Products
Starters for Production of Fermented Foods
Nutritional Effects of Fermentations

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