Genomics of Plants and Fungi

Edited by Rolf A. Prade and Hans J. Bohnert 
Marcel Dekker  2003  

Hardcover  440pp, illus  ISBN 9780824741259      £164.00

Provides technical insight on how genomics-oriented studies may be used to bring new understanding to established models of fungal development; assess and solve problems associated with multiple copies of genes and proteins with seemingly identical functions; and depict various industrial and economic applications.

Table of Contents


Michael J. Anderson, Jayne L. Brookman, and David W. Denning
Developmental Processes in Filamentous Fungi
Reinhard Fischer and Ursula Kuesi
Multiple GATA Transcription Factors Control Distinct Regulatory Circuits and Cellular Activities in Neurospora
George A. Marzluf
Molecular Genetics of Metabolite Production by Industrial Filamentous Fungi
Christian P. Kubicek
Acquiring a New Viewpoint: Tools for Functional Genomics in the Filamentous Fungi
Todd M. DeZwaan, Keith D. Allen, Matthew M. Tanzer, Kiichi Adachi, Lakshman Ramamurthy, Sanjoy Mahanty, and Lisbeth Hamer


Functional and Comparative Genomics of Cyanobacteria
Bradley Postier and Robert L. Burnap
Genomic Analysis of Arabidopsis Gene Expression in Response to a Systemic Fungicide
Huey-wen Chuang, Tzung-Fu Hsieh, Manuel Duval, and Terry L. Thomas
Identification of T-DNA Insertions in Arabidopsis Genes
Loszlo Szabados and Csaba Koncz
Genomic Approaches for Studying Gene Families in Plants
Cathal Wilson, Balazs Melikant, and Erwin Heberle-Bros
Industrialization of Plant Gene Function Discovery
Douglas Boyes, Robert Ascenzi, Rao Mulpuri, Susanne Kjemtrup, Andreas Kloti, and Keith R. Davis
Functional Genomics of Plant Abiotic Stress Tolerance
John C. Cushman


Using Workflow to Build an Information Management System for a Geographically Distributed Genome Sequencing Initiative
David Hall, John Miller, Jonathan Arnold, Krys Kochut, Amit Sheth, and Michael Weise

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