Fungi in Ecosystem Processes

John Dighton 
Marcel Dekker  2003  

Hardcover  424 pages, illus  ISBN 9780824742447      £133.00
Highlights the anthropogenic factors that may limit the role of fungi and where fungi may be of benefit to combat man's influence on ecosystems.

Takes the novel approach of viewing the role of fungi from the perspective of ecosystem functions. Addressing the main processes occurring in ecosystems and showing where and how fungi are critical, this book will help readers gain a better understanding of the role of fungi in shaping ecosystems.


Fungi and Primary Productivity Making Nutrients Available
Fungi and Primary Productivity Plant Growth and Carbon Fixation
Fungi, Secondary Productivity, and Other Fungal Faunal Interactions
Fungi and Population and Community Regulation
Fungal Interactions with Humans
Synopsis and Outlook to the Future

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