Ocean Margin Systems

Edited by Wefer, G., Billet, D., Hebbeln, D., Jorgensen, B. B., Schlüter, M. and Weering, T. C.E.V. 
Springer  2003  

Hardcover  X, 495 pp, 305 illus, 61 in color  ISBN 9783540439219      £193.00
Ocean margins are the transitional zones between the oceans and continents. They represent dynamic systems in which numerous processes shape the environment and result in impacting the utilization and hazard potentials for humans. These processes are influenced by a variety of steering mechanisms, from mountain building and climate on the land to tectonics and sea-level fluctuations in ocean margins. This book examines various aspects of regulation for the long-term development of ocean margins, of the impact of fluids and of the dynamics of benthic life at and below the seafloor in ocean margin systems.

Contents: Introductory Paper.- Margin Building - Regulating Processes.- Fluid Flow and Subsurface Material Transport.- Benthic Population Dynamics and Relationship to Sedimentary Settings.- Microbial Systems in Sedimentary Environments.

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