Edited by Tsao, D. 
Springer  2003  

Hardcover  XI, 206 pp, 50 illus  ISBN 9783540433859      £134.00
Contents: D.T. Tsao: Overview of Phytotechnologies.- R. Karthikeyan, P.A. Kulakow: Soil Plant Microbe Interactions in Phytoremediation.- M.K. Banks, P. Schwab, B. Liu, P. Kulakow, J.S. Smith, R.Kim: The Effect of Plants on the Degradation and Toxicity of Petroleum Contaminants in Soil: A Field Assessment.- T. McIntyre: Phytoextraction of Heavy Metals from Soil.- A. Ferro: Maintaining Hydraulic Control Using Deep Rooted Tree Systems.- S.A. Rock: Vegetative Covers for Waste Containment.

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