Sustainable Agriculture Systems

Edited by J L Hatfield and Douglas L Karlen 
CRC Press  1993  

Hardback  336 pages  ISBN 9781566700498      £151.00
Sustainable agriculture embodies many concepts in its attempt to integrate all the aspects of farming systems into a holistic system. This book explores the processes that occur within the components of a sustainable system and shows where we can build upon our existing knowledge to develop the concepts of sustainable agriculture into the new conventional agriculture. Well-known researchers examine a variety of aspects, including production goals, environmental considerations, and economics, to build a knowledge base that allows readers to see where changes in agriculture must be made and how challenges can be met. They compare existing systems against definitions of sustainability and pinpoint those areas where improvements can be made in current systems to further the concepts of sustainability.


  • Historical Perspective, J. Pesek
  • Water Relationships in a Sustainable Agriculture System, E.J. Sadler and N.C. Turner
  • Management Strategies for Sustainable Soil Fertility, D.L. Karlen and A.N. Sharpley
  • Soil Management, C.A. Robinson, R.M. Cruse, and K.A. Kohler
  • Crop Management, M.D. Clegg and C.A. Francis
  • Pest Management-Weeds, F. Forcella and O.C. Burnside
  • Management of Arthropod Pests, J.E. Funderburk and L.G. Higley
  • Economics of Sustainable Agriculture, D.C. White, J.B. Braden, and R.H. Hornbaker
  • Making Sustainable Agriculture the New Conventional Agriculture: Social Change and Sustainability, S. Padgitt and P. Petrzelk)
  • Challenges for the 21st Century, J.L. Hatfield and D.R. Keeney
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