Environmental Microbiology - Varnam

Alan H. Varnam, Malcolm G. Evans 
Manson Publishing 

Softcover  176 pages, 244 colour & b+w illus  ISBN 1874545782      £25.00

Micro-organisms play a major role in the geochemistry of the planet, forming the basic stage in the food chain, and thus sustaining the existence of higher evolutionary life. The continuing interaction between these living organisms and the environment, combined with their exploitation by man are shaping the material world today.

Over the last few years our understanding has increased considerably due to the development of new technology and the emergence of new paradigms which have enabled the microbiologist to view the microbial world, and its significance to life, with new eyes. Combining the basics of science with the most up-to-date new material, and incorporating high quality photographs and graphics, this book will be valuable as a textbookand reference guide for students and professionals.

Section I: Overview
, 1. The nature of microbial communities, 2. Life at low nutrient concentrations: the common lot of microorganisms, 3. Physico-chemical factors affecting the environmental fate of microorganisms, 4. Competitive strategies of microorganisms, 5. Interactions involving microorganisms, Section II: Aquatic Environments, 1. Introduction, 2. The marine environment, 3. The freshwater environment, Section III: Terrestrial Environments, 1. Introduction, 2. Soil, 3. Microorganisms and higher plants, 4. The lichen symbiosis, 5. Other terrestrial habitats, Section IV: Extreme Environments, 1. Introduction, 2. High temperature environments, 3. Extremely acidic environments, 4. Highly alkaline environments, 5. Non-alkaline, highly saline environments, References.

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