C. P. Summerhayes & S. A. Thorpe with forward by R.D. Ballard 
Manson Publishing 

Softcover  352 pages, 513 Colour & b+w illust.  ISBN 9781874545378      £33.00
Contributors: M V Angel, J M Bull, J D Burton, H Charnock, K Collins, M B Deacon, N C Flemming, A Gebruck, C R German, W J Gould, G Griffiths, T Guymer, P J Herring, A Jensen, A E S Kemp, N H Kenyon, R S Lampitt, A O M Lockwood, J Mallinson, D G Masson, R A Mills, L M Parson, D A Purdie, A L Rice, K J Richards, P Riddy, I S Robinson, R G Rothwell, M Sheader, C Summerhayes, J Thomson, S A Thorpe, P A Tyler, M Varney, P P E Weaver, N C Wells, J A Williams, R B Whitmarsh, C M Young

Oceans cover over 70% of the planet's surface and are essential to life on earth, yet their deepest mysteries remained unexplored until very recently when 20th century technological advances allowed the vast expansion of our frontiers of knowledge, and worldwide interest in oceanography grew rapidly.

Combining the skills of 40 contributors from world-renowned teaching and research establishments, this richly illustrated introduction to oceanography is suitable for coursework and appeals to a wide readership without compromising standards of scientific rigour.

With coverage ranging from history and instrumentation to the physical geography, meteorology, biology and chemistry of the sea and its ecosystems, Oceanography provides the reader with an authoritative, comprehensive guide while promoting awareness of current ecological concerns governing man's relationship with the oceans.

Foreword, Prologue, Preface, The Global Oceans, The Geological Time Scale, Standard International (SI) Units, Commonly Uses SI Units, 1. How the Science of Oceanography Developed, 2. The Atmosphere and the Ocean, 3. The Role of Ocean Circulation in the Changing Climate, 4. Ocean Weather - Eddies in the Sea, 5. Observing Oceans from Space, 6. Marine Phytoplankton Blooms, 7. Snow Falls in the Open Ocean, 8. The Evolution and Structure of Ocean Basins, 9. Slides, Debris Flows, and Turbidity Currents, 10. Mid-Ocean Ridges and Hydrothermal Activity, 11. The Ocean: A Global Chemical System, 12. The Marine Carbonate System, 13. A Walk on the Deep Side: Animals in the Deep Sea, 14. Light, Colour and Vision in the Ocean, 15. Ocean Diversity, 16. Life in Estuaries, Salt Marshes, Lagoons, and Coastal Waters, 17. Artificial Reefs, 18. Scientific Diving, 19. Marine Instrumentation, 20, The Sea Floor - Exploring a Hidden World, 21. Ocean Resources, 22. Waste Disposal in the Deep Ocean, Some Commonly Used Words and Terms, Acronyms, Index

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