A Colour Atlas of Plant Structure - 2nd edition

Bryan G. Bowes 
Manson Publishing 

Softcover  192pages, 389 colour and b/w illustrations  ISBN 9781840760927      £30.00

This fundamental guide to understanding plant structure offers plant scientists, plant biologists and horticulturalists in practice, academic life and in training a combination of concise scientific text and superb colour photographs and drawings. It is designed as a tool for teaching and revision at undergraduate and graduate levels, as a complement to traditional textbooks and as a general reference for professionals and researchers.

The book deals with the development and mature form of plants, focusing on structure at anatomical, histological and fine structure levels. Appropriate emphasis is given to plants of economic importance.

Acknowledgements, Abbreviations, Preface,

1. Introduction, The assortment of land plants, Transpiration and translocation in vascular plants, General morphology of angiosperms, Floral and reproductive features of angiosperms, Theme of the atlas.

2. The Plant Cell, Introduction, Cell membranes, Nucleus, Plastids, Mitochondria, Endoplasmic reticulum, (ER), Golgi apparatus, Vacuoles, Microbodies, Ribosomes, Microtubules and microfilaments, The cell wall.

3. Plant Histology, Distribution of cells and tissues, Parenchyma, Collenchyma, Sclerenchyma, Secretory tissues, Phloem, Xylem, Structure of Wood.

4. Apical Meristems: Genesis of Primary Shoot and Root, Introduction, Vegetative shoot apex, Early leaf and bud development, Tissue differentiation in the young stem, Root apex, Tissue differentiation in the young root.

5. The Green Leaf, Introduction, Morphology and venation, Anatomy of the lamina, Anatomy of the petiole.

6. The Stem, Primary growth, Anatomy of the mature primary stem, Secondary growth, Anatomy of the woody stem, Periderm, Thickened monocotyledonous stem.

7. The Root, Introduction, Antomy of the mature primatry root, Lateral and adventitious roots, Mycorrhizae and root nodules, Secondary growth in roots.

8. Sexual Reproduction, Introduction, General features of flowers, Perianth, Androecium, Gynoecium, Fertilisation, Development of the seed, The fruit.

Selected bibliography. Glossary. Index.
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