A Colour Atlas of Tomato Diseases

D. Blancard 
Manson Publishing  1999  

Hardcover  212 pages, 323 colour and b/w illustrations  ISBN 1874545316  
Note This book is currently (July 2011) out of print

This is a unique and comprehensive guide to identifying and controlling diseases of the tomato plant and fruit, and if designed to enable the readers to diagnose and combat parasitic and non-parasitic diseases. Based on the author's experience of examining many thousands of samples for growers and advisers, the book uses clear concise text and colour photos of the highest quality to describe the essential features of each disease.


Introduction. Diagnosis of Parasitic and non-parasitic Diseases: 1. Irregularities and changes to leaflets and leaves; Leaflet and leaf deformations; Leaflet and leaf discolorations; Spots on leaflets and leaves; Wiltoing andreied leaflets and leaves, withor without yellowing. 2. Irregularities and changes to the roots; 3. Irregularities and changes to the collar (and underground stem); 4. Internal and external irregularities changes to the stem; 5. Irregularities and changes to the fruit.

Principle characteristics of Pathogenic Agents and Methods of Control: 6. Bacteria. 7. Fungi: Fungi attacking the leaves; Fungi responsible for fruit rot; Fungi (and nematodes) attacking the roots; Fungi attacking the collar and sometimes the stem; Vascular fungi. 8. Viruses. 9. Mycoplasmas from the easter yellowsi group.

Measures to be taken to remedy some non-parasitic diseases. Appendices. Biblography. Index.

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