Techniques for Evaluating Insect Resistance in Crop Plants

Charles M Smith, Z R Khan and Mano Dutta Pathak 
CRC Press  1993  

Hardback  336 pages  ISBN 9780873718561      £145.00
This comprehensive book is the first illustrated volume to provide detailed discussions of all plant genera regarding techniques developed to evaluate plant resistance to insects. Many of the book's references have never before appeared in a volume on this subject. The authors systematically discuss techniques used to evaluate different types of insect behaviour and plant morphological and phytochemical factors responsible for plant resistance and susceptibility to insects.


  • Introduction.
  • Evaluation of Plants for Insect Resistance.
  • Techniques to Determine Categories of Plant Resistance.
  • Techniques and Methods to Evaluate the Allelochemical Bases of Insect Resistance.
  • Evaluation of the Morphological Bases of Insect Resistance.
  • Techniques for Identifying Insect Biotypes.
  • Use of Tissue Culture and Artificial Diets for Evaluating Insect Resistance.
  • Index.
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