Pyrolysis and Gasification of Biomass and Waste

Edited by A V Bridgwater 
CPL Press  2003  

Hardcover (POD)  750pp  ISBN 1872691773      £95.00
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Proceedings of a subsequent conference in the series are also available on CD-ROM

Pyrolysis and Gasification of Biomass and Waste provides an authoritative review of thermal biomass conversion technologies and their implementation now and in the future.

These proceedings include over 70 papers and case studies presented by leading experts from Europe and North America in Strasbourg in October 2002. Covering both technical issues and commercial opportunities, the papers include numerous diagrams, tables and figures presenting up-to-date details of how the latest pyrolysis and gasification technology is being put into practice.

The meeting covered a wide range of raw materials and processes, addressing topics such as:

  • small and large scale gasification
  • fast pyrolysis of biomass
  • liquefied wood fuel
  • full-scale application of sewage sludge pyrolysis
  • ammonia production and reduction
  • gasification of sorted MSW
  • green diesel
  • gas engines
  • gas cleaning and process design
  • technical and non-technical barriers to commercial exploitation.

A key aim of the Strasbourg meeting was to create recommendations for strategies and policies in these areas, which the European Commission can use in its forward planning, especially with regard to sustainable energy supply, greenhouse gas mitigation and associated environmental issues.

This book is an invaluable reference source for anyone concerned with these issues, and essential reading for researchers, engineers, waste managers and other professionals involved with the utilisation of green fuels and feedstocks, gasification and the contemporary biomass industry.

The event was sponsored by EC Altener, CIRAD and CEA, and supported by PyNe and
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