Tracking Environmental Change Using Lake Sediments, Volume 3: Terrestrial, Algal, and Siliceous Indicators

Edited by John P. Smol, H. John B. Birks and William M. Last 
Kluwer Academic Publishers  June 2002  

Hardbound  400 pp  ISBN 9781402006814      £90.00
This third volume in the Developments in Paleoenvironmental Research series deals with the major terrestrial, algal, and siliceous indicators used in paleolimnology. Other volumes deal with the acquisition and archiving of lake sediment cores, chronological techniques, and large-scale basin analysis methods (Volume 1), physical and geochemical parameters and methods (Volume 2), zoological techniques (Volume 4), and statistical and data handling methods (Volume 5). These monographs will provide sufficient detail and breadth to be useful handbooks for both seasoned practitioners as well as newcomers to the area of paleolimnology. Although the chapters in these volumes target mainly lacustrine settings, many of the techniques described can also be readily applied to fluvial, glacial, marine, estuarine, and peatland environments.


  • Preface. The Editors.
  • Aims & Scope of Developments in Paleoenvironmental Research Book Series. Editors and Board of Advisors of Developments in Paleoenvironmental Research Book Series.
  • Contents of Volumes 1 to 4.
  • Safety Considerations and Caution.
  • Dedication.
  • List of Contributors.
  • 1. Using biology to study long-term environmental change; J.P. Smol, et al.
  • 2. Pollen; K.D. Bennett, K.J. Willis.
  • 3. Conifer stomata; G.M. MacDonald.
  • 4. Plant macrofossils; H.H. Birks.
  • 5. Charcoal as a fire proxy; C. Whitlock, C.P.S. Larsen.
  • 6. Non-pollen palynomorphs; B. van Geel.
  • 7. Protozoa: testate amoebae; L. Beyens, R. Meisterfeld.
  • 8. Diatoms; R.W. Battarbee, et al.
  • 9. Chrysophyte scales and cysts; B.A. Zeeb, J.P. Smol.
  • 10. Ebridians; A. Korhola, J.P. Smol.
  • 11. Phytoliths; D.R. Piperno.
  • 12. Freshwater sponges; T.M. Frost.
  • 13. Siliceous protozoan plates and scales; M.S.V. Douglas, J.P. Smol.
  • 14. Biogenic silica; D.J. Conley, C.L. Schelske.
  • 15. Sedimentary pigments; P.R. Leavitt, D.A. Hodgson.
  • Glossary, Acronyms and Abbreviations.
  • Subject Index.
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