Botanical Pesticides in Agriculture

Anand Prakash and Jagadiswari Rao 
CRC Press  November 1996  

Hardcover  480 pages  ISBN 9780873718257      £127.00
Due to the high cost of synthetic pesticides and concerns over environmental pollution associated with the continuous use of these chemicals, there is a renewed interest in the use of botanicals for crop protection. Agricultural entomologists, nematologists, and pathologists the world over are now actively engaged in research into the use of plant derived products to fight and reduce the losses caused by agricultural pests and diseases. This book reviews the research on botanical pesticides used to combat losses due to pests of agricultural importance, with special attention focused on products from higher plants. This book serves as the baseline reference work for future research, as many of the botanicals discussed (such as those from neem, bael, begonia, pyrethrum, tobacco, karanj, and mahuwa) become integral parts of pest control programs under development. It is suggested that botanical pesticides will minimise the undesirable side effects of synthetic pesticides and help preserve the environment for future generations.

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