Sustainable Assessment Method for Energy Systems: Indicators, Criteria and Decision Making Procedure

Naim Hamdia Afgan and Maria da Graša Carvalho 
Kluwer Academic Publishers  August 2000  

Hardbound  192 pp  ISBN 9780792378761      £130.00
Sustainable Assessment Method for Energy Systems provides the reader with a new method for energy system evaluation. It is widely recognized that future energy strategies will have to deal with energy as a complex issue that incorporates environmental, economic, social, cultural, educational, and material resource attributes. Sustainable Assessment Method for Energy Systems offers a new methodology based on multi-criteria indicators for the evaluation of energy as a system.


  • Preface.
  • 1. Introduction.
  • 2. Sustainability.
  • 3. Sustainable Energy Development.
  • 4. Sustainability and Energy Education.
  • 5. Energy System Assessment with Sustainability Indicators.
  • 6. Sustainability Assessment of Heat Exchanger Design.
  • 7. Water and Energy Co-Generation Assessment.
  • Appendix.
  • Index

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